Thagararu Review


Thagararu Review

Thagararu Review - An interesting premise amidst the din

Bharath Vijayakumar

Cloud Nine Movies' Thagararu is a rustic revenge drama set in Tamil Cinema's favourite home-ground for such films - Madurai. After the impressive Mounaguru there has been a relatively long gap for Arulnidhi's next film. Has the young man chosen the right script as a follow up? Read on to find



Thagararu is a gory revenge drama which has friendship as the core. Four petty thieves who get into arguments at the drop of a hat make enemies in all directions. And when one of them falls in love things take a sour turn. One of the friends is killed and the rest of Thagararu is whether the other three get to avenge his death.



Arulnidhi seems to have put up a sincere effort. He does shine in places. But as an overall package he still needs a lot of improvement. Looks like dancing isn't his forte and he either has to improve upon it or make sure the steps are such that they do not accentuate his lack of comfort. His three friends (Pawan, Tarun and Murugadass) play their parts well and are the most important aspect of the film. Poorna impresses and shows that she is an actress of mettle when provided the scope.


Technical Team:

The technical team has done a neat job. Dharan has come up with catchy tunes with 'Thiruttu Paya Pula' being the pick of the lot. The stunt sequences keep oscillating between realistic violence that impacts and the routine commercial gimmick that has someone flying in the air with a kick. Editing is neatly done and the movie never reaches a point where you are left scratching your head.


What works and what does not?

Thagararu defitinitely scores in one area. It never bores you. Things keep moving at a lively pace. But if there is more you are looking for then Thagararu could disappoint you. That someone who takes a sickle dies by it has been told umpteen times in Tamil Cinema. For that to make an impact either you should identify yourself with the protagonist or he should atleast be someone who is put into that position without his consent. Here the four friends deserve the least sympathy, atleast for those who believe in what is right and what is wrong. If you are someone who would back the movie's leading man blindly then Thagararu might be your cup of tea.  Director Ganesh Vinayak shows promise in few scenes. The climax scene when Arulnidhi actually realizes where he had met Poorna for the first time is nicely done. The suspense works well and not many might guess the climax. But when it comes to movies the journey is as important as the destination. Ultimately that is where Thagararu fails to reach it's full potential.



A reasonably gripping revenge drama that does not have enough substance for the audience to invest their time on the lead characters.


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