Yuvan's Biriyani Songs Leaked


Yuvan's Biriyani Songs Leaked

Contrasting Views about Yuvan's Biriyani Songs Leaked 

After Thalaivaa piracy problems, latest issue to strike Tamil industry is the leak of Biriyani songs on the web yesterday. Director Venkat Prabhu commented that "It is really sad and unfortunate that tracks are leaked on net!! We have been trying to stop it from morning. But, people love piracy!". Yuvan said "Upset about this, but good to see where the worlds heading, whatever's meant to be will be. But piracy is wrong.". Sony Music also piped in and said "He[Yuvan] has been producing fantastic music for 16+ years.The biggest birthday gift you can give Yuvan is to buy original music. Report piracy."


Cynical View about leakage


There are mixed views about the leakage. One of the veterans working at a music label believed the entire episode appeared a bit dubious as the songs first showed up on a leading music site and it was briefly available for an hour before the songs were promptly brought down from that site. The Tamil mp3 sites started ripping and uploading to their sites within a few minutes. Almost everybody associated with the movie started posting tweets condemning the Biriyani songs leakage. This made sure millions of followers on twitter came to know that biriyani songs leaked and started searching on google to download. This veteran took a cynical view into this whole incident as he felt the number of illegal downloads would have been a lot lower if the Biriyani team members had tried to resolve this behind the scenes and restrained from tweeting and announcing to the world regarding the leakage.


Any type of news, positive or negative, is good publicity for the movie, concluded the Industry insider.

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