Sathankulam Case has reminded many of film Visaranai! Here's why

PUBLISHED DATE : 02/Jul/2020

Sathankulam Case has reminded many of film Visaranai! Here's why

The CB-CID investigating the custodial deaths of P Jeyaraj (58) and his son J Beniks (31) brought about a drastic turn in what is being referred to as the 'Sathankulam Case', when they arrested five police personnel and booked them under charges for murder. 


Sub Inspector Ragu Ganesh, Sub Inspector Balakrishnan, constables Muthuraj and Murugan and Inspector Sridhar were taken into custody shortly after Tamil Nadu Law Minister C.Ve Shanmugam assured that the government would ensure "highest punishment". IG Shankar was also quoted as saying, We have changed the charges to include murder charges..the preliminary investigation has led us to narrowing down on four people. We will see how the case progresses.”


At this juncture, Tamil people who found solace in the progress they got to seen talking about the Kollywood film Visaranai, which incidentally had one too many similarities to this real-life incident.

  • For instance, one of the major turning points in the Sathankulam case was the witness statement of head constable Revathi, who went against her own to provide justice to Jeyaraj and Beniks. In the movie Visaranai, when the lead and his friend are held captive and subject to police brutality without reason, a lady police official secretly comes to their help by offering them her phone.


  • The held in custody and tortured without ground part is another similarity for Jeyaraj was arrested solely based on the assumption that he told his son Beniks to "attack the police" the previous night (it is said he was mis-heard using the Tamil phrase which also means to "answer firmly"). In Visaranai, two innocent men are subject to arrest and torture on the assumption that they eaves-dropped on a sinister plan.


  • In Jeyaraj and Beniks case, it was inspector Sridhar Naidu who ordered for the men to be stripped and tortured and in the movie Visaranai, there is a scene where Vishweshwara Rao (played by Ajay Ghosh), a police inspector from Guntur orders for the men to be stripped and beaten.


  • Political ploy between the ruling and opposition parties is what sets the happenings of Visaranai in motion and if not earlier, the Sathankulam case later triggered a massive political vendetta in course of its investigation.



India's official Oscar entry in 2017, Visaranai was written and directed by Vetrimaaran and was based on novel titled Lock up, written by Coimbatore based auto driver M. Chandrakumar.

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