Ponmagal Vandhal Trailer feat. Jyotika as a persistent lawyer!

PUBLISHED DATE : 21/May/2020

The official trailer of Jyotika's upcoming court-room thriller Ponmagal Vandhal has dropped and the video does not fail to capture one's attention with its gripping content. Jyotika and Parthieban could be seen fighting the case of kidnapping and murder of minors and it seems like the Jyotika is trying to bring what lies under the surface of a hard-to-crack conviction.


"People who have been physically abused (molested) worldwide do not have any evidence other than their truth", goes one dialogue in the trailer which gives us a precedent of what is in store. Produced by 2D Entertainment, Ponmagal Vandhal directed by JJ Fredrick premieres May 29 on Amazon Prime Video

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