Kaappaan Preview - SWOT Analysis

PUBLISHED DATE : 18/Sep/2019

Kaappaan Preview - SWOT Analysis

As Kaappaan gears up a big release this Friday, the team appears self-assured and confident about the product. This is a must-win for Suriya with last 2 releases missing the bulls-eye. Here is the Preview - SWOT analysis of Suriya and KV Anand's Kaappaan.

  • Star Cast - Kappaan will be Suriya's biggest multi-starrer till date with MohanLal and Arya. The on-screen chemistry between the lead actors is eagerly awaited.
  • Story and Screenplay - One common aspect of KV Anand's past movies is its strong screenplay, author-backed roles, and meticulous research that goes into scripting. The movies that give due importance to writing and pre-production efforts have always been received well. Kaappaan will be no exception.
  • Commercialism laced with Reality   - The movie is set on a big canvas never seen before in Tamil cinema. Given the research gone into the project, expect to get a sneak-peek into the functioning of Prime Minister's office and how Special Protection Group (SPG) protect our Prime Minister.  The movie is expected to strike a fine balance between the commercial elements with twists and turns while authentically showing the background context of PM protection.
  • Music Album - Except for a couple of songs (Hey Amigo and Sirukki) which have been received well, the other songs have not even made entry into the music charts. The picturization is expected to help the songs when seen on big screen. It is a missed opportunity that the songs did not materially contribute towards pre-release hype.
  • After a tremendous response to the initial teaser release, the fans response to Kaappaan's first trailer was mixed at best. The second trailer released last week helped recover and get back on track in terms of building the pre-release hype.    


  • Based on the box office performance of last two movies of Suriya, trade sources revealed that Lyca has sold Kaappaan for a nominal price in Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Kerala, and overseas. One of the biggest earners so far this year is Ajith's Viswasam and no blockbuster yet so far this year. If Kaappaan clicks, it has the potential to exceed the box office expectations, given the low investment risks.   


  • Going by the trailers and song lyrics, it is clear that Kaappaan will touch upon current affairs and recent trending political topics (Kashmir, Hindi imposition, TN protests, etc). Expect post-release controversies.  

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