Thalapathy 63 director Atlee faces Plaigiarism Allegation!

PUBLISHED DATE : 20/Apr/2019

Thalapathy 63 director Atlee faces Plaigiarism Allegation!


Atlee, director of Vijay's upcoming film has been called out in the media by an aspiring film-maker named K.P. Selva for allegedly using the plot-line of the latter's story for Thalapathy 63.  In several interviews, Selva alleges that he had been working on a script with a woman's football team as the theme and had shared a 75 page soft-copy of the script with one of the mutual friends he has with Atlee.

He further states that when word of Thalapathy 63 first started doing rounds in 2018, he had approached the team requesting a clarification on similarities between their themes and stories.

Selva is said to have met with Ashwin, Atlee's manager and Venkat Manickam, executive producer of Thalapathy 63 on November 2, 2018 who allegedly offered to arrange for a hero and a producer for a different story of his (believed to be in exchange for dropping the story and plagiarism pursuit). Selva also alleges that their conversation was recorded with his consent but he never received a copy of the same.

K.P. Selva who has previously worked as assistant director on Rekka says that the story in contention has been in drafting for quite some time and he had not registered it for a long period of time. He also says that since the writers' association takes up complaints only when members are more than 6 months old, he decided to take the matter up with the court.
Selva currently awaits a hearing on his registered complaint on April 23, 2019. It is worth mentioning here that Atlee's stories in the past have been pointed out to share similarities with other movies (Raja Raani Mouna RaagamTheri - ChatriyanMersal Moondru Mugam); however this is the first time he has been accused of lifting a brand new story. 

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