Kaappaan Teaser First Impression Report

PUBLISHED DATE : 15/Apr/2019

Kaappaan Teaser First Impression Report


Suriya's upcoming thriller Kaappaan had its teaser release on Sunday and it kicked up a storm on the occasion of Tamil New Year. As the film marks a reunion of hit combo Suriya and K.V. Anand, there is a huge expectation among fans and trade. Fortunately, the first teaser video managed to meet these expectations.

  • Suriya's penchant for multiple looks : It is evident from the teaser that Suriya would be seen sporting multiple looks in Kaappaan, just like he did in his earlier venture with K.V. Anand, Ayan. Even in the mere one and a half minute long video, around 4 different looks of Suriya distinctively stood out, highlighting the effort the actor has put in this film in terms of aesthetic alone.


  • Maintaining the Topical Trend : The teaser comes at a time when the election fever is high in the country and just like many recent films that touch politics, Kaappaan teaser too gives vibes of content that speaks about the political climate in the state. From methane to river water distribution dispute and even the border tension with Pakistan, everything was touched in the video glimpse people got to see.


  • No Story Reveal & Positive Reaction From Fans : In a day and age where the teasers and trailers tend to give out the story-line of a film, it is commendable that team Kaappaan maintained that element of mystery whilst giving us a glimpse of most characters in the movie. This along with the rest of the factors has lead to unanimous positive reactions from fans, so much so that the teaser went on to clock a whopping 12 million views in just 12 hours of its release. 

In short, this teaser couldn't have been any better as the response from fans and trade has been positive so far. In terms of technicality, the visuals are splendid and appealing; however, there are some rumblings as to the BGM of the film, which though not bad did not create the impact one hoped from the famous Harris Jayaraj - Suriya duo.

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