Suriya's Masss BO registers sharp decline

PUBLISHED DATE : 14/Jun/2015

Suriya's Masss BO registers sharp decline

Four reasons for mass decline of Suriya' Masss

Suriya's Masss took a very good opening and the initial reviews were encouraging. However, the movie registered sharp decline from all the major screens right after the opening weekend. The box office outcome of Massu engira masilamani has disappointed the trade. A number of reasons have been quoted for unexpected box office slide of Masss :


  • Family audience lets down Suriya - Usually, the family audiences keep Suriya's movies at the box office steady for initial 4 weeks. This time around, the family audience have not extended their support. Even in the US market where Suriya used to have a good fan following, Masss did not set the box office collections on fire. The trade believes Suriya may have lost some of his loyal support from family audience due to his choice of movies recently. It is further made worse by the edgy brand of Venkat Prabhu's movies often perceived to be not family-friendly. 
  • Kaaka Muttai and Demonte Colony Reception - Yet another horror genre movie, Demonte Colony, came back strong in the second weekend. Many screens and multiplexes gave more shows to Demonte Colony transferring the screens away from Masss within only a week in its theatrical run. Massu box office further took a hit with the release of Kakka Muttai, which garnered enormous word of mouth attracting viewers in huge numbers. Masss got sandwiched by the popularity of Kaaka Muttai and Demonte Colony. 
  • Fan war on social sites - Venkat Prabhu and Suriya expressed their displeasure by certain sections of fans, who played an active part in pulling down the movie on social sites. Venkat Prabhu and Suriya had sincerely requested the fans to stop the fan wars which caused a number of negative reviews to be propagated. Suriya in the past had been a victim of such negative propaganda launched on social sites by fans of other stars. 


All these reasons are believed to have impacted Massu engira Masilamani's box office run. This movie is expected to wrap its run as an average grosser.  

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