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Saruk Cbe

Dont expect a Big sixer from this movie. Mass is just the six clears a rope. Not much twist & scare till the end. Although it kept audience seated. Premji comedy & timing sense is bit irritated. 1 time watchable entertainer for Surya's performance. (more)


Hem Dharshan Giri Rajan

Masss has been the best logical movies till now unlike other movies which r just a commercial movies. It shows the effort and struggle taken by Suriya, Venkat Prabhu ,and Yuvan. This movie is a pure entertainer for kids and adults. (more)


Gowtham Viswanath

Masss is a devastation. Whilst the joke is on us, the Director obliged the horror of watching it . Irritating in every sense Mass becomes a total failure of the crew and technicians. The Screenplay reeks of every cliches that it holds to spread on us, the Audience. 0.5 star for Surya's decent acting. (more)


Krïsh Krïshñà



Chanuka Niroshan

Amazing!!!!!!!! i think suriya is the hero that going to take tamil cinema to top of world In this film direction is good but in first half there are graphical problems but suriya has done well Suriya is the one who acts different he got a change for us!!! thank you!!!!!!! (more)


Harish Bala

direction is too good.....some logical mistakes are there in first half of the flim.... (more)


Nimshad Nawfer

Wow masss is an amazing wonderful film masss is horror & comedy movie this movie have many twists so i like this movie very much (more)


Hriti Ganesh

Surya's acting was out of the world especially shakti's role in the movie was done well. overall experience was sema MASS. I loved premji and venkat prabhu's combination. (more)


Saranya Babu

I m vijay fan.. but masss is superb...2nd half is big + of this film... (more)


Ashwin Rohit

Good Movie and music .Mass is Massssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss (more)


Heemanaathan Mukaya

Therikuthu therikuthu masss!! Good entertainer. Sure shot hit!! (more)


தமிழ் பிரதீப்குமார்

Super Movie. Surya Acting is Very Super and Venkatprabhu Direction very good and best screenplay. thank is good movie (more)


Raj Kumar

one of the bests in recent time.......... VP laid the stone.....suriya and U1 are the foundations.....other characters properly gel around.. (more)


Gokul Be

A complete Entertainer. Comedy, Revenge well worked out. Outstanding Suriya's performance & amazing Screenplay director VP. Editing by Praveen Kumar nailed. Finally Yuvan's BGM & songs worked well.. (more)


Mohamed Nabil

Masss always mass, super entertainment, horror, comedy and family movie. Loved it. (more)


Senthil Kumar Subramanian

Surya hits a Sixer out of the stands with Masss. Perfect Summer Entertainer. (more)


AJ Than

This is a movie that Suriya whole heatedly deserves a 100cr entry for. Excellent story, backed up by beautiful music and terific screen presence by Suriya. Pucca summer treat. (more)


Athithya Muralidhar

Movie Review : Masss - The Movie Well , what can I say . This movie is not what it seems to be . Yet , another mediocre friendly-ghost/comedy/commercial/feel-good genre film that you can take a pass on if not that keen on a good cinema-watching experience . Had this movie released on April mid , it would at least have a decent run till the summer annual holidays as it is more suited for school-kids viewing . I was a huge fan of the @suriya that showed constant variations in his choice of roles in record breakers like nandha , mounam paesiyadhae , aayudha yeluthu , peralagan , pithamagan , ghajini , jillunu oru kaadhal , varanam aayiram and ayan . Gone are his prime days when he was a part of the movie and not the other way round . This is another failed /very-average Actor Surya Sivakumar's performance , the problem being that he still wants to be seen on the 70mm as surya , co-founder of agaram , entertainer for kids and a heart-throb for teens and not as a character tailor-made for that particular movie's storyline . On the brighter side , Venkat Prabhu's dialogues and innovative screenplay is what keeps masss afloat without completely sinking . Humour , definitely yes , but not in a time when Surya very badly needs a blockbuster hit . Bgm was a huge plus since it was from Yuvan's department and Premgi Amaran entertains as always . This movie will run , depending on the success and failure of its co-runners , but I sincerely doubt due to Demonte Colony already bringing in steady moolah whilst Kakka Muttai and Romeo Juliet Tamil gearing up for releases in the forth-coming weeks . Bottomline : Venkat Prabhu saves the day ... pakka maasu illa da , pakka dhamaasu . A humble request for Surya - get back to your prime and start choosing your scripts more wisely , that of which involves challenging roles !!! (more)


Usama Basheer

superb horror movie suryas acting is excellent comedy also super in movie sure this movie is sixer for venkat prabu (more)


K.v. Mitthoon

Nice picture . Superb twist and turns in the plot. BGM rocking at its best (more)


Rasul Mydeen

Average content..worst time watchable....parthiban portion is super..could been some extent (more)


Vipin Maniappan

Interesting concept, suriya done a neat job , his second role was rocking one. until the second role comes it was dragging here and there. Yuvan BGM elevates the movie. worth watchable film (more)


Manikandan SP

super film!in recent time super movie in tamil film (more)


Pc Sreerag

Super Script. # MASS. Totally super movie. #SURYA is back with #MASS. want a diet. have it!!!!!! (more)