Athithya Muralidhar




Kaaka Muttai Kaaka Muttai

Movie Review : Kaaka Muttai There are films which deserve a standing ovation post ending . K.M falls under the above category . Humour , simplicity , reality and a feel-good state lingers throughout the movie . Seldom does a commercial movie win national awards and very rarely does an award movie fascinate the common man. Kaaka Muttai has broken both these stereotypes and its a proof that with a good healthy promotion , good stuff always gets the deserved recognition . With absolutely no stars , action sequences , technical brilliance or epic bgm's , this award film will surprisingly be liked by the majority unlike the ones that fail to make a connection with the common folk , Kaaka Muttai reminds me of Iranian films that ooze reality with simple concepts as the story line and a beautiful screenplay to aid it . Bottom line : Keeping aside the two National Awards that Kaaka Muttai has bagged , simply Go for it , u wont be disappointed . !!! Entertainment guaranteed :D


Demonte Colony Demonte Colony

Movie Review : Demonte Colony Yes , another tamil ghost horror flick ... whats it gotta be this time , white apparitions , a ghastly face of a man/women starring very close to your face when the camera turns accompanied by a shrieking bgm to elevate the effect , automatic doors opening and closing .... These were my expectations as i sat for the movie ... Never did i know , i was in for a totally different experience .... Following one of the cities most haunted places as its story line , DMC has all that can make one glued to their seat .... There is no sudden-jolt inducing horror scenes , but this movie comes under a horror league of its own .... Good individual performances from all characters , commendable effort in the music department from Keba Jeremiah and a fine debut from Ajay Gnanamuthu lays down instant success for DMC . Traits of humor in places , guitarish spooky bgms throughout , a solid story line with basic logic never missing in any place and a very brilliant screenplay makes DeMonteColony a very differently crafted horror movie to watch . Bottomline : DeMonte Colony comes in line next to Pizza , the benchmark of all horror films , the only difference being that the latter had a more brilliant story line. A good horror flick that succeeds to keep the audience engaged throughout . (Demon)te Colony - a coincidence maybe tongue emoticon


Masss Masss

Movie Review : Masss - The Movie Well , what can I say . This movie is not what it seems to be . Yet , another mediocre friendly-ghost/comedy/commercial/feel-good genre film that you can take a pass on if not that keen on a good cinema-watching experience . Had this movie released on April mid , it would at least have a decent run till the summer annual holidays as it is more suited for school-kids viewing . I was a huge fan of the @suriya that showed constant variations in his choice of roles in record breakers like nandha , mounam paesiyadhae , aayudha yeluthu , peralagan , pithamagan , ghajini , jillunu oru kaadhal , varanam aayiram and ayan . Gone are his prime days when he was a part of the movie and not the other way round . This is another failed /very-average Actor Surya Sivakumar's performance , the problem being that he still wants to be seen on the 70mm as surya , co-founder of agaram , entertainer for kids and a heart-throb for teens and not as a character tailor-made for that particular movie's storyline . On the brighter side , Venkat Prabhu's dialogues and innovative screenplay is what keeps masss afloat without completely sinking . Humour , definitely yes , but not in a time when Surya very badly needs a blockbuster hit . Bgm was a huge plus since it was from Yuvan's department and Premgi Amaran entertains as always . This movie will run , depending on the success and failure of its co-runners , but I sincerely doubt due to Demonte Colony already bringing in steady moolah whilst Kakka Muttai and Romeo Juliet Tamil gearing up for releases in the forth-coming weeks . Bottomline : Venkat Prabhu saves the day ... pakka maasu illa da , pakka dhamaasu . A humble request for Surya - get back to your prime and start choosing your scripts more wisely , that of which involves challenging roles !!!