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Kaaka Muttai
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Production Dhanush
Music Director G.V. Prakash Kumar
Writer Manikandan
Cinematographer Manikandan
Editor Kishore Te.

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Rush to the nearest theatre and don't forget to take your children along to witness a slice of life that will leave you elated.

Kudos to director Manikandan for extracting a wide range of emotions from the child actors Ramesh and Vignesh, winning them both National and International Awards. The innocence the boys display when trying to sell a stray puppy for twenty five thousand rupees or the pain their eyes show when the pi...

by - IndiaGlitz.com

Rating (3.5/5)

An utterly delectable pizza

Kaaka Muttai's humour camouflages the pain of the lads and the brutality of class distinction. One does not fail to notice the iron fencing which separates them from a rich boy whom they befriend, and their conversations often centring on the elusive pizza and sometimes on the swanky watch he sports underline the pathos of India's have-nots.

by - Hindustan Times

Rating (3.5/5)

A Rare And Near Flawless Film

Is it possible to entertain the audience while hitting them hard with subtle messages? Is it possible to satisfy both critics and commercial movie lovers to the fullest at the same time? Kaaka Muttai achieves exactly these. It's not everyday you come across movies like Kaaka Muttai, for it is rare.

by - One India

Rating (4.5/5)

Kaaka Muttai is a slice of life vibrant film which is sure to put a big smile on your face as you are stepping out of the movie hall.

There is a common perception about award films that they are boring and made for the critics. The entertainment element is normally missing and it would be melodramatic, and preachy. However, Kaaka Muttai is indeed an exception from the run of the mill art house films. It is lively, cheerful and entertains big time.

by - Sify.com

Rating (3.5/5)


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    Gowtham Viswanath

    Kaaka Muttai, an extraordinariness to our Kollywood industry, to Indian Cinema following movies like Aaranya kaandam, vazhakku En 18/9, jigarthanda, etc. Kudos to The Director for making this movie without mix of mainstream. The Writing stands up high throughout the movie because of the utmost traveling, not losing the intention, with surety. 
    4 stars for the eminence in every department of the whole crew those who put their souls in giving a beautiful body to this great soul. 


    Smarty Siva

    what a flim! must watch a best film by manikandan


    Athithya Muralidhar

    Movie Review : Kaaka Muttai
               There are films which deserve a standing ovation post ending . K.M falls under the above category . Humour , simplicity , reality and a feel-good state lingers throughout the movie . 
                 Seldom does a commercial movie win national awards and very rarely does an award movie fascinate the common man. Kaaka Muttai has broken both these stereotypes and its a proof that with a good healthy promotion , good stuff always gets the deserved recognition . 
               With absolutely no stars  , action sequences , technical brilliance or epic  bgm's , this award film will surprisingly be liked by the majority unlike the ones that fail to make a connection with the common folk  ,  Kaaka Muttai reminds me of Iranian films that ooze reality with simple concepts as the story line and a  beautiful screenplay to aid it  .  
    Bottom line : Keeping aside the two National Awards that Kaaka Muttai has bagged , simply Go for it , u wont be disappointed . !!! Entertainment guaranteed :D


    Anbu Alagan

    A must watch movie. Hats off to chinna kakka muttai  


    Sivabalan TJ

    Very good movie, Full marks to the technicians, Those kids were charming and that innocent face makes you forget that they are just actors. they lived the role. Semma Fun watching experience. Must watch this little gem . you wil back with a smile