Athithya Muralidhar

  1. Kaaka Muttai U

    Movie Review : Kaaka Muttai
               There are films which deserve a standing ovation post ending . K.M falls under the above category . Humour , simplicity , reality and a feel-good state lingers throughout the movie . 
                 Seldom does a commercial movie win national awards and very rarely does an award movie fascinate the common man. Kaaka Muttai has broken both these stereotypes and its a proof that with a good healthy promotion , good stuff always gets the deserved recognition . 
               With absolutely no stars  , action sequences , technical brilliance or epic  bgm's , this award film will surprisingly be liked by the majority unlike the ones that fail to make a connection with the common folk  ,  Kaaka Muttai reminds me of Iranian films that ooze reality with simple concepts as the story line and a  beautiful screenplay to aid it  .  
    Bottom line : Keeping aside the two National Awards that Kaaka Muttai has bagged , simply Go for it , u wont be disappointed . !!! Entertainment guaranteed :D


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