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Masss is Suriya's Sixer as Well

Venkat Prabhu has in some ways re-invented himself by blending the paranormal genre with his trademark commercial elements. Unlike his many other movies, Masss is very logically knit script with no signs of lazy writing(more)

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A well-timed Sixer from Venkat Prabhu and Suriya.

Venkat Prabhu seems to have gelled well with Suriya, and it shows on screen. To experience more on what Suriya has done in the film, just head to a theater nearby. We aren't writing anything more about his role! (more)

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In all, the movie is a good watch for this late summer to quell your thirst with laughs and occasional suprises.

Suriya's characterization as Masss the hero and as a Srilankan Tamilian is commendable, as with all of VP's movies, he brings out the best out of his heroes. Suriya's dialogue delivery and screen presence catapults the movie forward, to quote the scene when he feels for his friend Premji in front of Nayanthara is hilarious. (more)

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Entertainment Guaranteed

What stands out in the entire movie is Venkat Prabhu's unique writing and Yuvan's powerful background score. While the director keeps us guessing throughout with lots of twists and turns, Yuvan yet again proves he usually reserves his best for Venkat Prabhu movies. Thanks to Suriya's brilliant performance and Venkat Prabhu's intriguing story telling ability(more)

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A no-holds barred entertainer

Massu Engira Maasilamani is a no-holds barred entertainer with all essential ingredients. There are twists and turns galore. Suriya sporting a ponytail as the Sri Lankan Tamil living in Canada, is the highlight of the film. He comes in at the interval point and steals the show. Technically, RD Rajasekar's cinematography is commendable and Yuvan Shankar Raja's background score acts as another hero in the film while Praveen KL's editing has helped the film to flow at a fast pace. (more)

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Sloppy, with a not-bad second half

The idea behind the supernaturally themed Massu is terrific, even it feels like a mashup of many spirit-driven films. (Ghost, The Sixth Sense, even Pisaasu � they all take turns possessing this screenplay.) And Venkat Prabhu keeps coming up with googlies.(more)

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Just a boring mishmash of older films

Tamil cinema has been talked about because of its ability to present novel themes, but Massu Engira Masilamani turns out to be a mishmash of movies that have been seen earlier.(more)

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Massu Engira Masilamani entertains

The film is a fantasy supernatural thriller with all the twists and turns, suspense, action and fun that we have come to expect from a Venkat Prabhu film. Venkat Prabhu keeps the momentum going right from the opening scene. There is, however, a lot of chaos, until he decides to reveal it all at the very end. (more)

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