Jayam Ravi's Brother poster joins the list of Tamil cinema's lazy lift offs

PUBLISHED DATE : 18/Sep/2023

Jayam Ravi's Brother poster joins the list of Tamil cinema's lazy lift offs

Its the year 2023 where the OTT boom has taken over and the borders have diminished now more than ever in terms of entertainment content consumption. At a time when filmmakers need to be hyper aware of not overlapping content or concepts, for it will be dragged as a 'lift off' [case in point: Vikram/Jailer storylines], a Tamil movie titled Brother has come up with a first look which pretty much looks exactly the same as the original chinese drama's concept posters, it is inspired from. 


Breath of Destiny a 40-episode C-Drama ran during the pandemic and it is about how a team of emergency medical workers move to an earthquake-hit island, to do their best rescue amidst lack of man-power and facilities. Their move from a bustling city to an isolated island was marked in the promotional posters of the series as viewed below:

Brother, a Tamil movie directed by M. Rajesh is a family drama starring Jayam Ravi, Priyanka Mohan, Bhumika Chawla among others, and the film's first look featured the exact same concept, customised but without much of a rehash. The Indian audience were quick to spot and call out this lazy reinterpretation on X. 



It is worth mentioning here that Brother - Breath of Destiny poster concept similarity isn't a isolated incident in the history of Tamil cinema's lazy lifting off international productions. Over the years, Kollywood filmmakers have often been called out for plagiarizing Korean, Chinese, American [most inspired], African and European series and movies without much changes or due credit.

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