Aruvi Director Arun Prabhu clarifies plagiarism, mockery charges

PUBLISHED DATE : 21/Dec/2017

Aruvi Director Arun Prabhu clarifies plagiarism, mockery charges

Aruvi Director Arun Prabhu clarifies plagiarism, mockery charges

That Dream Warrior Pictures produced Aruvi has come under the scannner for being "inspired" from an Egyptian film named Asmaa is something one may not have missed. The film also irked actor-director Lakshmy Ramakrishnan for apparent portrayal of a Solvadhellam Unmai, a TV reality show she is known hosting for and she responded to it through her tweet barrage recently. Added to this, the film also invited the wrath of actor Vijay's fans for a dialogue in the film that goes "A good film Vijay has acted in? Which one is that?".

Addressing all these issues commonly, S.R. Prabhu of the production house sent out a clarification which said, "Aruvi was made purely to promote love and humanity and that the film had no intention of offending anyone. Nevertheless, we apologise if we have hurt anyone,". Following his clarification, director Arun Prabhu too has come with some statements of his own. In a recent interview, directed of the Aditi Balan starrer has stated :

I have been part of the Television industry since my childhood...While we are all taught media theories with values, the demands are different when you enter the industry. TRP targets...There are several places where our human values take a hit when we start working for an institution or in the industry. The idea was to reflect that and not target any particular show or person.

He also addressed the elephant-in-the-room and spoke about the Asmaa-Aruvi comparison as well. He said :

I watched the movie only recently after the tweets started. If someone who knows film language to a certain extent watches both movies, they will know if it is copied. All they have to do is just see both movies.

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