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The road not taken

Aditi Balan is the soul of the film. She is able to be commanding and powerful at times and gentle and vulnerable when needed. This has got to be one of the most difficult roles in recent memory. It is so real whenever she breaks down and there is not an iota of fakeness in her performance. She remains with you long after you have left the theatres. (more)

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Nothing short of a masterpiece, Aruvi is a cinematic journey that every type of audience can relate to, connect to, empathize with and adore.

Aditi could not have asked for a better debut, and we might not have such a hard-hitting performance from a debutant in a long time. The direction, dialogues, and script are her biggest allies in this feat. (more)

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This Aditi Balan film is a must watch

It would be blasphemous to not mention the performances in Aruvi. Arun�s move to cast newcomers is smart. Without the baggage of previous appearances, every performance is fresh and adds more authenticity and flavour to the narrative. And boy what a find Aditi Balan is. She has probably got one of the most layered roles written for women in Tamil cinema. (more)

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Aruvi is a superbly written drama centred around a unique character that unfolds as a thriller, a black comedy, an awareness movie, and a tragedy.

The director lets the siege play out almost in real time, even making us feel that this portion is being overstretched. But this compressing and expanding of time-frames actually helps keep the audience disconcerted and doesn't let us anticipate what might happen next. (more)

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Will haunt you long after she fades out

Apart from the exemplary acting, the screenplay of �Aruvi� packs all the ingredients right from suspense, humor, thrill and tragedy to a very relevant core subject that has been most sensitively handled. The backstage truth about reality shows like �Solvathellam Sathyam� has been deconstructed to such minute details serving both as a tool for humor as well as thought provoking.(more)

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Arun Prabu Purushothaman debuts with an ambitious, solidly written satire that takes an issue and does very unexpected things with it

The furious editing (Raymond Derrick Crasta) mirrors Aruvi's rage. But the director doesn't make the mistake of channelling this anger into a series of lectures. That's why the reality show is such a stroke of genius -- it adds an unexpected layer and cushions the messagey bits.This is where Aruvi should end, but the story goes on, and a bracingly unsentimental (so far) film begins to beg for our tears.(more)

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An absolute must watch

The studio portions are a bit stretched. Nevertheless they provide the comic quotient on an otherwise serious story. At the same time, the director also reveals the ugly face of reality shows and what they do to increase the TRPs. Arun has handled the subject with lot of sensitivity and conviction. His grip over the medium is evident as there�s never a dull moment in the entire proceedings. (more)

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The coming of rage

Not that much can be taken away from this film. With incredible performances by a team of newcomers, it�s easily one of the best films of the year. It�s director, Arun Prabhu, and lead actress, Aditi Balan are precious finds and so is Anjali, who plays a transgender named Emily. It leaves you shaken, leaving behind images that last. Do go chasing this waterfall. (more)

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Aditi Balan is pitch-perfect in this gutsy film that's Kollywood's best in 2017

Aruvi is powered by an outstanding performance in the title role by Aditi Balan � she is simply fantastic. She inhabits Aruvi: you can feel the earnestness of her intentions and at the same time, the wetness of her tears, especially the final breakdown. The supporting characters � all mostly newcomers � elevate the film. The musical score by Bindu Malini and Vedanth Bhardwaj heightens the mood and is in perfect sync with the narration. (more)

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Entertaining yet gut-wrenchingly emotional

The film is powered by Aditi, unarguably the boldest lead character one can come across in Tamil cinema this year. She is a revelation, and she�s ably backed by Arun Prabhu, who makes a stellar directorial debut and joins the long list of directors who made a big splash this year. A character like Aruvi, which is funny and equally emotionally, is not something anybody could have taken up and done justice. (more)

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The film of the year

This is a story with a lot of memorable characters, whom the film doesn't judge; instead, there is a certain tenderness that seeps through its story and through its dialogues (more)

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This Gutsy & Grippy Tale Is A Must Watch!

Aruvi isn't a film, which can look convincing with what has been written on papers alone. The film has a brilliant script and exceedingly well-sketched characters, which have been done by the director himself (more)

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