Sneak Peek of Man Vs Wild Reveals Rajinikanth's Daring Stunts!

PUBLISHED DATE : 20/Mar/2020

Discovery Channel's Man Vs Wild episode of Rajinikanth and host Bear Grylls, recently had a sneak peek video release [Full episode airs on March 23, 2020]  and the 70 year old Superstar actor from the South can be seen performing body-straining stunts for the show. Naturally this has left his fans and viewers in awe and they have taken to twitter to share the same under the established hashtag for the episode - #ThalaivaonDiscovery.



Man Vs Wild is an adventure show where Grylls navigates through remote locations around the world, sharing invaluable survival strategies along the way. Before Rajinikanth, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an infamous appearance on the show. 

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