Maanaadu producer reveals the truth behind film's status & his rapport with Simbu!

PUBLISHED DATE : 14/Nov/2019

Maanaadu producer reveals the truth behind film's status & his rapport with Simbu!

Maanaadu is one film which is talked about so much that it takes a minute to realize that the film hasn't even gone on floors yet. The movie which was announced in July, 2018 with Venkat Prabhu as the director, Suresh Kamatchi as the producer and Simbu aka STR as the lead, faced numerous delays before the actor and producer ended up at the Producers' council each billing the blame on other for causing it. 


Allegedly since STR had received Rs. 2 Cr. as advance, Usha Rajendhar is said to have agreed on her son's turning up for regular shooting. This agreement which came about in October, 2019 via a TFPC meeting seemed solidified further, when Suresh Kamatchi himself uploaded a picture with STR and announced a shooting update earlier this month


However, in a recent promotional interview for his debut directorial Miga Miga Avasaram, Suresh Kamatchi was questioned about Maanaadu again and this is what he had to say:


"I cannot honestly say that i have fixed the issue..I was struggling and I still am to right the wrong..To be honest, it was Simbu who called me for his "sabarimala maalai" ceremony and I went there respecting the personal equation we once shared. But to this date, I haven't been able to contact him (STR) in any means.


Some of those who saw my picture upload even clowned the situation I was stuck with. I had to tell myself that I at-least had people sympathizing..I think if he (STR) comes for shooting properly, I will be able to deliver my film without any trouble; I have spoken too much on the subject; I think if media asked Simbu instead of me on the subject, he will be able to tell you clearly what the status is."  

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