Singam 2 Songs Music Review


Singam 2 Songs Music Review

Singam 2 Songs Music Review

Singam 2 songs are exactly what one would have expected from this sequel. The beats, instruments, and electronic loops are familiar and typical of Devi Sri Prasad's style. It is obvious that many of the songs have been composed intentionally to resemble strongly to the first part. 


What Works?

The songs that are expected to get better with the visuals and scenes in the movie are "Achamillai" and "Vidhai Pola". Hariharan sings exceptionally well with quite a range in Vidhai Pola. Both these songs aided by powerful lyrics could turn out to be fireworks on screen. 

Puriya Villai is a simple tune with lyrics dominated by repetitive electronic beats. The excellent Violin track saves this song from turning into mundane listen. This solo song is expected to be picturized on Hansika and it could work well to become public's pick of the album.

What doesn't work?

"Kannukulla" is a signature DSP song with baila touch filled with silly lyrics. "Singam dance" sung by Baba Sehgal is the sequel song of "Kadhal Vandhale" is superficially catchy. "Vaale Vaale" sung by Shankar Mahadevan is familiar and nothing much special to write about.


Critic and Public Opinion

Many reviewers have already panned this album. One of the reviewers dismissed the entire album calling it as not even worth writing one word about it. A number of other reviewers and users on social sites have sharply criticized the album. One point to note is that the verdict of Singam songs, which are now termed as universal hits, received poor reception from most music reviewers at the time of audio release a few years ago.


Every Suriya movie music album in the past is known for delivering at least one chart-buster hit song. Singam-2 unfortunately lacks that extra edge this time with many of the songs bordering on strictly average to above average. We will have to wait and see whether the picturization and possible success of the movie at box office will help attract music audience attention in future.


Rating  - 5/10

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