Gypsy Songs - Music Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 20/May/2019

Gypsy Songs - Music Review

Gypsy Songs - Music Review

Suhansid Srikanth


Though Rajumurugan is merely three films old, I would say he is way too underrated for his exquisite choice of music and taste in lyrics. Both Cuckoo & Joker were stunningly sounding fresh when they came out and remains the same even now. Gypsy.. as much as the name evokes a sense of Rajumuruganism in it.. SaNa delivers one stellar of a soundtrack! The versatility that this album ranges from varying genres is an experience one can't miss to hear!



Very Very Bad - A satirical call out number about the contemporary issues is rich on folk. Yugabharathi's lyrics bites the bullet with no holding back.. 'Gangu rapeu senjavano poraan poraan carula. Naalu murder senjavana paathen shopping mallula!', 'Avana ellaam koondula yeththa unakkirukkaa dhairiyam? Engala pottu midhikkiriye idhaa jananaayagam?'. Pradeep Kumar & Santhosh Narayanan keeps the rage alive amidst all the fun.


Kaathellaam ✔ - A very indie number sung by Pradeep Kumar sounds like it is something that kicked out from the idea of the very famous theme bit in 'Aadi ponaa Aavani' from Attakaththi. Yugabharathi grooves absolute poetry with his interesting choice of imageries like 'Paalveli theruvil amudhooriya mugame!'. The song dunes and dives into new directions as it progresses. 'Iyarkkai madiyil marikkum agandhai.. Kilinjal nilavai edukkum kuzhandhai.. Sivanin sangeedham pugaiyaagudhe! Nodiyil perandam uravaagudhe!' goes the number! The indieness in the tune blending with the free flowing lyrics is an aural delight to hear!


Desaandhiri ✔ - Easily the highlight track of the album is a hook ever since it came out as a glimpse in the film's teaser. Written by Rajumurugan himself, the song shines for one and all as an anthem for gypsies, travellers and wanderlusts who search for themselves in travels. The mood of the song truly trespasses languages, cultures, geographies and calls for nature! 'Odaiyaai odinaal seralaam kadalaiye! Yaadhumaai vaazhvadhaal neengalaam udalaiye! Kooraiyil thangumo paalnilaa solladaa! Engume selladaa!' Santhosh Narayanan's vocals blooms a therapeutic sense of liberation!


Manam engum Maaya Oonjal  - 'Varam nee thandhaai.. Vaan pookkudhe!' as the lyric by Rajumurugan opens up the number, sung by a divine blend of Dhee, Ananthu and Haricharan.. the track reminds you the good old Cuckoo times of SaNa! 'Kodaiyila Mazha pola' & 'Aagaasatha naan paakkuren' flashes on and off as the song fragrances traditional chant like charanams! The jathi interludes weave effortlessly into the vocals. The beautiful hook that keeps coming 'Kaatrile siragai naam virithaal thuli aagaadho bhoomi? Veli ellaam kaadhalaal niraithaal adharkkeededhu saami?' is a dope on its own.


Theevira Viyaadhi - Written and sung by Arivu himself.. the rap number rebelliously questions against the government and voices out against the forced shut downs and shoved up silences! 'Innum pirivinai solli thirigira ennaththimir adhu oyaadhaa?' The furious lyric gets high with vocals and the psychedelic edm that backs it beneath.


Venpura - As the very name suggests, sung by T.M.Krishna, the number is a token of love for peace and humanity from the soundtrack. The number that starts dramatic shifts genre into a rocking stage track. Rajumurugan's lyrics shed shades on unity, hopefulness and rejuvenation & the song also incorporates the speeches of leaders as well. The finale portion showcases a beautiful carnatic touch by TMK as the song peaks into a cheerful audience choir!


Aasai mugam & Ullam Urugudhaiyaa - both sung by Susheela Raman, the former number is an unusual rendition of the very famous Bharathi's poem while the latter is an uber cool version of the devotional track written by Maragathammal and famously rendered by TMS. The track plays out like a pious woman high on weed hits a divine intervention as she goes on a trip. Nevertheless, an interesting & an insane thought this is!



Gypsy, Rajumurugan's third directorial is again up with an exquisitely ensembled soundtrack of Santhosh Narayanan. The amazing blend of indieness, extreme genres, poetry, politics, rap, folk, love and hope in every track holds a huge sign of positive light for the film!



Rating : 4/5

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