Movies with animals trending in Kollywood: 8 Upcoming Films bear testimony!

PUBLISHED DATE : 10/Nov/2018

Movies with animals trending in Kollywood: 8 Upcoming Films bear testimony!

Animal-based entertainment is something that has been prevalent in ancient Tamil film industry with brands like MGR and Devar Films making optimum use of the whole idea in their respective movies. However, post their period there were hardly any films in Tamil that fell under the genre, until Kumki and Naaygal Jaakiradhai happened.


After this the only film to have remotely even used an animal was Pariyerum Perumal which had a dog as a key element and featured in all the film's posters; but now it seems like the 'animal' trend may be emerging again.

Some of the film announcements we've heard in the recent past have had furry mammals in their posters and we couldn't help but wonder if animals are making comeback to Tamil entertainment. Such movies are:

  • Gorilla: An upcoming heist thriller, this Jiiva starrer has a chimpanzee playing a pivotal role, supposedly a main member of the heist group. How he helps Jiiva and team perform these heists would be an interesting thing to see on screen.


  • Kumki 2 & Raja Bheema: Elephants are making  comeback and the bond between an elephant and his care-taker which was beautifully visited in Kumki, seems like a idea that has been revisited in both these mentioned films.
  • India's First Dog Adventure Film:  Urumeen director Shakthivel Perumalsamy had announced earlier this year that he is directing an untitled dog Adventure movie, the developments of which are unknown at the moment. It is worth mentioning though that the attempt of having an animal as the main protagonist and the entire film revolving only around it, is a first in the country.


  • Jack, Gurkha & Watchman: Naayigal Jaakiradhai made quite the impact with the Tamil cine audience that two more films followed suit with a dog as a primary feature. Ashok Selvan starrer Jack and Yogi Babu starrer Gurkha are touted to explore the bond between a man and a dog in different scenarios. G.V. Prakash starrer Warchman on the other hand seems to be a dark thriller with a dog in an equal role as the protagonist.
  • Monster: The first look of SJ Suryah and Priya Bhavani Shankar's next took everyone by surprise when a rat featured in the poster of it along with the hero. Apparently it has a main role to play in the movie and only time can tell how much of importance has it been given in the film

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