Team Sarkar to remove scenes objected to by the AIADMK!

PUBLISHED DATE : 08/Nov/2018

Team Sarkar to remove scenes objected to by the AIADMK!


"Everyone has the right to criticize the government. But the film (Sarkar) is inciting violence. That is a grave offence..Vijay is acting like an naxalite terrorist here..because only the try and topple a democratically elected government in a state.." - These were the words of Tamil Nadu's Law minister C.V. Shanmugam who objected to the depiction of a government provided mixer grinder being thrown into the fire in Vijay's Sarkar.
His sentiment was shared by several members of the ruling AIADMK party and they were even seen vandalizing cut-outs and tearing posters of the film, in some parts of the state.

Now, team Sarkar seems to have given into the demand of removing objectionable scenes and the same has been confirmed by Tiruppur Subramanian, who is a member of the Tamil Nadu distributors association. It is also being said that the makers have decided to mute certain dialogues, though there isn't much clarity on which dialogues they would be. 

It is worth mentioning here that even before all this, actor Kamal Haasan who has been unfailing in his support for Vijay had issued this statement earlier on:

"It is not new for the current ruling party to illegally and politically maneuver a film like Sarkar, which has been formally certified (by the censor board). A government which does not have the stomach for accepting criticism can go off track. Political traders will soon disappear. Good people who are born to rule this country will win."

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