Suriya's Singam 2 Title and Logo Confirmed


Suriya's Singam 2 Title and Logo Confirmed

Singam 2 Title and Logo Confirmed

With title challenges cropping up for big movies, Singam 2 team has doubly made sure that there are no challenges with title. Studio Green, Big Pictures along with Sun Pictures were involved in production, distribution, marketing and release of Singam released in 2010. As Singam's movie rights were sold to multiple parties, there had been some contractual and legal complications of using "Singam" in the title for sequel. So, Singam 2 has been used only as a working title until now, with a possible official name change.


Good news is that Studio Green has taken care of all the legal aspects and received permissions from all parties to use the title "Singam 2". The production team has gone ahead and confirmed the logo during the pooja launch on auspicious Vinayagar Chathurthi day. The shooting is expected to begin next week in Tuticorin as Suriya completed all his work responsibilities for Maattrraan.

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