Anjaan Songs - Music Review


Anjaan Songs - Music Review

Anjaan Music Review

Akilan Nagarajan | Reviewpuram

Bang Bang Bang MC Pick– K.G. Ranjith gives an awe-inspiring start to the “Andheri Puli”. The occasional pumping outbursts, bullet shots and electro are thundering to say the least! Madhan Karky revels in the “mass”-area too giving us an appropriate sense of heroism through his words. 


Oru Kan Jaadai 

This is the perfect song where Yuvan gets to display his rock histrionics. With Benny Dayal at the helm of affairs, the track never drops its tempo. This song should work better with visuals.



Ek Do Teen

Don’t get fooled by the tinge of an Arabic influence at the very start. This track transforms into the quintessential colourful Tamil duet which is here only to entertain with its own folk-ish shimmer. Probably inspired by actor Vijay's success as a singer, Surya’s tests his vocal chords in this dawdling 'kuthu' number. Andrea pitches in with her expertise and joins the party effortlessly. Foot-tapping and catchy despite lacking freshness!


Kadhal Asai Mc Pick

Yuvan is in rollicking form in this song never lets the song slip away as he holds together the tune and arrangement in style. The North-Indian flavour is very much evident. For fans who are used to an influential melody from all his big albums, Yuvan has made sure that he doesn’t disappoint.



Siripu En

Intoxicating feel throughout, and adds to the numerous list of Yuvan’s club numbers with a surreal feeling. And a valuable addition at that! Manasi’s dazzles in a track that transports us right into the feel with no reluctance, whatsoever.



On the whole, “Anjaan” may not be a “Paiyya”, but is definitely Yuvan back to his energetic times. He plays safe as he includes a track or two that are meant to be purely for commercial reasons and not to be taken very seriously, but nevertheless entertaining.


Rating: 6.5/10 

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