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Suriya misses target

Lingusamy's attempt to create a "Badshah" out of Suriya has missed the mark. The story revolves around 'Raju bhai' played by Suriya who commands respect and fear in equal measures. This don tale supposedly loaded with twists, turns, loyalty, treachery, action sequences turn out to be a stale affair.(more)

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Surya's Anjaan is painfully lengthy and it is just an average movie in the end

Lingusamy breaks the big suspense, which might have expected by regular cine goer, by the end of the first half. So, people can predict the remaining story. All through the movie audience keep expecting turns in the movie but sadly, they are in for a big disappointment.(more)

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A commercial entertainer might not go beyond Suriya's fan base!

It seems, Lingusamy has penned the story with rich cast and 3 twists, it is to be seen whether the star cast alone can save the movie or the twists too add for its glory! (more)

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Suriya and Anjaan, let down by the screenplay!

Thanks to Suriya, Vidyut gets his slice of stunts in the flashback. Dissolved characters, unfurnished villains, stereotypical narration and song placement duds the flow of the film(more)

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Fails to impress

Suriya gives an earnest performance in 'Anjaan', and there`s absolutely no doubt about it. But he's let down by a weak script, terrible performances by the rest of the cast and lengthy narrative. (more)

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Run of the mill

Lingusamy has made it like a formula movie. A super hero, who never loses, speaks punch lines, romances and in a cunning twist annihilates the main villain. The friendship angle between Suriya and Vidyut has been handled in a light hearted manner. (more)

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It's Suriya's show all the way

One more film on the lines of Badsha Bhai and Vishwa Bhai set against the backdrop of Mumbai underworld. Here in Anjaan, Suriya is Raju Bhai a dreaded dapper Don who commands equal amount of respect. It is high voltage revenge drama seen in umpteen numbers of films, but what makes the film work is Suriya�s stunning charisma combined with his incredible performance and glossy packaging of Lingusamy with all commercial elements including action, glam quotient, romance, friendship, humor, sentiments, vengeance in a fitting manner.(more)

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Krishna comes to Mumbai in search of his brother Raju, who, he learns, paid a price for choosing to be a gangster.

When a film announces loud and clear all that it wants to do is be in service of its hero, and make him as larger than life as possible, we accept it and all that we expect from it is to entertain us. But when it takes almost three hours to narrate its all-too familiar story with easily predictable twists and underwritten characters in a non-engaging fashion, it becomes a painful watch. And, Anjaan is just that. (more)

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Weak script, too much attention on Suriya spoils Anjaan

Anjaan is like a battle between Suriya, the star, and Suriya, the actor. Interestingly the film features him in a double role - one is a star and the other is an actor. But the director has focused on the star only. Suriya, who didn't mind playing a buck-toothed, dark, ugly hunchback Chinna in Perazhagan or a con man in Pithamagan or the grim police officer in Kaaka Kaaka, didn't hesitate to experiment, but the film's plot backfired.(more)

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