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The Guessing Game Is On!

hambi is one of those films that doesn't have much to complain about but the film never really sucks you in. Twists keep piling up in the second half and this keeps it interesting. But there is never really that single 'wow' moment that makes you sit up.(more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow


The twists, an engaging second half and powerful lead performances make Thambi a watchable suspense thriller

The performances of Ilavarasu, Bala and Sowcar Janaki has a greater impact on the story. But it is Sathyaraj, who portrays the unpredictability of his character with brilliance. Overall, Thambi is uplifted by its twisty second half.(more)

Source: Behindwoods Review Board, Behindwoods.com


Thambi is a well-written; engaging family drama that will attract the family audience!

The climax reveal is good and it has the potential to grab the audiences attention. The film demands a certain level of patience and if you have it, then you are in for a satisfying engaging thriller. Else, you will have a lesser impactful film. (more)

Source: Galatta Review Panel, galatta.com


Manages to entertain with ample suspense and family moments

Though the entire plot revolves around sister-brother bonding, we get only a few emotional moments between Karthi and Jyotika. A tighter screenplay with more emotional connect would have done wonders.(more)

Source: Thinkal Menon, Times Of India


Karthi-Jyothika Movie Is Carefully Knit With Convincing Twists!

With a good storyline, which has been packaged with convincing twists and striking emotional sequences backed by good performances, Thambi turns out to be a pretty fine-watch.(more)

Source: Abhijith, One India


An emotional thriller

Thambi is an engaging watch for the solid performances of the lead actors and very unlike most thrillers you've seen recently. (more)

Source: Moviebuzz, Sify.com


Jyotika and Karthi's film is intriguing with ample twists

Director Jeethu Joseph's Thambi starring Jyotika and Karthi is packed with ample twists in the second half. Along with family sentiments, the film has flavours of the director's blockbuster flick, Drishyam.(more)

Source: Janani, India Today


Karthi, Jyothika starrer is a family drama with delicious twists

Thambi works because it has a good mix of drama, sentiment and suspense. It successfully deceives the audience with a laid-back first half with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. However, it transforms into a thriller in the second half and the narration keeps one glued to the proceedings on screen, ...(more)

Source: Hindustan Times, Hindustan Times

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