MovieCrow Box Office Report - October 9 to 11

PUBLISHED DATE : 12/Oct/2015

MovieCrow Box Office Report - October 9 to 11

MovieCrow Box Office Report - October 9 to 11

Masala Padam, starting Shiva and Bobby Simha, had hit the screens last weekend and it failed to create any big impact at the box office. A few lesser known films also had a namesake release and sank without a trace. Surprisingly, Hollywood movies -- The Martian and The Walk received overwhelming response from the multiplex audience. Check out the box office ranking of Tamil movies in Chennai during last weekend.


1. Puli

Due to negative word of mouth and lower occupancy levels after the opening weekend, most of the multiplexes had reduced the shows by 50% for Puli during its second weekend. Thanks to no real competition, the movie did enjoy decent support from Vijay's fans and kids during last weekend.


2. Maya

Nayanthara's Maya still ruled the box office in its 4th weekend, as many of the multiplexes continued to screen more shows that ran to packed houses. The movie has emerged as one of the most successful movies in terms of ROI this year.


3. Masala Padam

Unlike its trailer, Masala Padam couldn't impress the movie buffs. Touted to revolve around the film industry and what the audience actually expect from a film, ironically, the film has failed to meet the expectations. Barring Siva's appreciable performance, the movie had no stand out factor to pull in the audience, and the occupancy level was just around 50-60%. The movie has started on a low note this week, and its future at the box office looks bleak.


Other Movies

Even though Thani Oruvan is nearing the 50th day, the movie was still enjoying healthy occupancy level. Trisha Ilana Nayanthara was running across a couple of screens.


Upcoming week's releases

Anushka's historic 3D film, Rudhramadevi is expected to release across sizeable number of screens in Chennai on October 16.


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