Pathaan: Shah Rukh confirms no promotions! Shocking reason why

PUBLISHED DATE : 21/Jan/2023

Pathaan: Shah Rukh confirms no promotions! Shocking reason why

Pathaan directed by Siddharth Anand is actor Shah Rukh Khan's first full fledged action film of his 32-year Bollywood career. The movie co-starring Deepika Padukone, John Abraham is a Yash Raj Films (YRF) production and is all set to release in theaters worldwide on January 25, 2023 [Wednesday] in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The film is Shah Rukh's first release in the last 4+ years and is part of YRF's spy universe films. Despite all the hype and expectations surrounding the movie, the films' stars have not been seen promoting the movie in India. 



Initially, there was a buzz that YRF has decided against promoting Pathaan, considering how SRK and Deepika Padukone have constantly been under the radar of rabid politicos and conservative outfits in India. Even before Pathaan neared release, the lead stars were not spared courtesy Besharam Rang song from the movie. It wasn't until the CBFC and the Prime Minister of India himself intervened that the protests surrounding Pathaan subdued.  


While fans were expectantly waiting to see their favourite stars promote their film with usual TV/media apperances, Shah Rukh Khan has confirmed that those will not be happening. If sources are to be believed, SRK is still pretty miffed with how the Mumbai media handled the controversy that was kicked off by his son Aryan Khan's arrest in a drugs-case. As if proving the same, the usually paparazzi-friendly star did not stop to pose for shutterbugs during a high profile wedding; His wife Gauri Khan and Aryan himself however posed for the cameras.


"Pathaan marks Shah Rukh Khan’s return to the movies after 4 long years. He has had very limited exposure with people in these 4 years and the hunger to see him is at an all time high...We want the euphoria around his return to reach a crescendo by January 25, the release date of Pathaan. Thus, we will start all our promotional activities only post the release of the film", Siddharth Anand, director of Pathaan has said in a media statement. 


[Update: January 30, 2023] At the post-release success meet of Pathaan, where Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham met up with the media via a host, SRK had this to say about Pathaan's no-promotions,


"We three (Shah Rukh, Deepika, John) have not met with the media because of a choice or a reason or a motive. It's not that. This film was made during COVID. By the time we finished it, of course (director) Siddharth, the technical team, Adi (producer of the film) and the production team were working very hard, but we (actors) also were busy with that (finishing the film). So we couldn't meet with anyone.


But somewhere down the line, we are all in the same team - cinema, media, radio, television and social media, and everybody has shown so much kindness to the film..All of us again are extremely grateful - first to the audience and second to all the people in the media for supporting the film inspite of the fact that there could have been things that could have curtailed the happy release of this film (context).There is so much love from all sides.


And we could never show enough gratefulness, not only us the entire film industry. what is rightly or wrongly called Bollywood or the Indian film industry. I thank you on behalf of all our colleagues and friends in the film industry for bringing life back to cinemas. Thank you so very much."  

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