Amidst JNU/Chhapaak controversy, Mid-sized brands stall Deepika Padukone Ads!

PUBLISHED DATE : 13/Jan/2020

Amidst JNU/Chhapaak controversy, Mid-sized brands stall Deepika Padukone Ads!

On January 7, 2020 Deepika Padukone's silent visit to the Jawaharlal University (JNU) campus has stirred up such a loud aftermath that it doesn't seem to be dying anytime soon. As reported by us earlier, the ruling BJP party members openly called for a boycott on Padukone's latest release Chhapaak, and it ended up significantly affecting the box-office numbers of the movie in most regions of our country. 


Hashtags such as #DeepikaPRBackFires and #DeepikaPaducone [with a 'c' making a mockery of her name] are still trending on top aided by brutal online mockery of the actress and everyone from politicians, entrepreneurs, film industry personalities, fans and non-fans are to date busy registering an opinion on her JNU visit. 


While Padukone herself could be seen religiously promoting Chhapaak and appealing to the audience to catch a screening via her social media handles, her personal 'brand' might have taken a toss according to a recent report in The Economic Times.


“We have been told by a mid-sized brand to stall ads featuring Deepika for about two weeks. Hopefully, the controversy would have normalised by then,” the report quotes an "executive at a media buying agency".


It also states that post the JNU visit by Padukone, who endorses 23 brands including Britannia’s Good Day, L’Oreal, Tanishq, Vistara Airlines and Axis Bank, brand endorsement deals are expected to see clauses factoring in the risks involved with celebrities taking political stands.


The report also quotes Shashi Sinha, chief executive of IPG Mediabrands, which represents Coca-Cola and Amazon among others as saying,“Normally, brands like to play safe and are wary of any controversy.”

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