FEFSI head wants Ajith to shoot local! Fans trend H Vinoth's explanation

PUBLISHED DATE : 03/May/2022

FEFSI head wants Ajith to shoot local! Fans trend H Vinoth's explanation

Director RK Selvamani, key-person in Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI) met with the press at Chennai recently and gave out a statement with respect to Ajith, which lead to fans trending a segment of director H. Vinoth's interview with a Tamil magazine.


RK Selvamani, representing the workers of the Tamil film union said, "Film workers in Tamil Nadu are being affected as actor Ajith Kumar shoots for his films in other places like Hyderabad. Therefore, our request is that actor Ajith Kumar should shoot in Tamil Nadu. This is our request to people like actor Ajith Kumar, director H.Vinoth and producer Boney Kapoor. Chennai currently has all the facilities for shooting. When we made the same request to actor Vijay earlier, he accepted it."


Ajith fans were quick to respond to RK Selvamani's statement and they brought back an interview segment of director H. Vinoth in which he had already explained why the team shoots outside Chennai and how they ensure that the Tamil film workers aren't affected due to the same. Vinoth's statement goes,

"Obtaining road permission in Chennai is a big, complicated job. Even if we successfully get it, it is not possible to shoot with an actor like Ajith, who has a huge fan-following, on road. If something unfortunate happens, the news that will come out is 'tragedy due to Ajith's movie shooting'. We are going to Hyderabad for security reasons and permission issue. During the Hyderabad shoot, the entire cast and crew used are not from there. About eighty percent are from Tamil Nadu.


In shots where the hero is surrounded by people, only if they look authentic will the movie seem like a Tamil movie. That's why we take most of the junior artists from here (Tamil Nadu) to wherever we go (for shooting). As far as I know, atleast 75 percent of people aren't loosing jobs because of this (outdoor shooting). "

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