TN Govt not keen on allowing Movie Theaters to re-open?

PUBLISHED DATE : 27/Jul/2021

TN Govt not keen on allowing Movie Theaters to re-open?

Movie Theaters in Tamil Nadu have not functioned at full-capacity ever since Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic took over the world in mid of March in 2020. From being completely shut for 8 continuous months last year to re-opening at 100% seating capacity, down-grading to 50% occupancy and then being shut-down again in full, theater business in Tamil Nadu has gone through a lot in 2020-2021. 


Movie Theaters in Tamil Nadu: 2020-2021 Timeline


  • Mid-March 2020: Cinema halls shut-down statewide due to global pandemic.
  • November 10, 2020: Movie theaters re-open at 50% occupancy after remaining closed for 8 months.
  • December 31, 2020: TN Govt. allows 100% occupancy in movie theaters.
  • January 5, 2021: Center orders TN Govt. to revoke 100% occupancy with immediate effect.
  • February 1, 2021: TN Govt. brings back 100% seating capacity in theater halls.
  • April 10, 2021: Surge in COVID-19 causes theaters to go back to 50% seating.
  • April 26, 2021: Movie theaters statewide are completely shut for the second time. No orders in sight for re-opening till July 30, 2021. 


While the rest of the world is slowly getting back on its feet, India continues to be one of the worst-hit COVID countries and a sense of precaution along with lockdowns and restrictions prevail in the country. And even though the state of Tamil Nadu has been easing up on lockdown restrictions since June, 2021, the state government does not seem too keen on re-reopening cine halls. 


Even with several single screen theaters and multiplexes going out of business, buzz is that movie theaters will be the last thing in the state that will be allowed to open for the public. 

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