Tamil magazine faces Ajith fans' wrath after T-shirt parody goes wrong!

PUBLISHED DATE : 18/Sep/2020

Tamil magazine faces Ajith fans' wrath after T-shirt parody goes wrong!

A recent edition of the popular Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan carried edits of famous people wearing parodied versions of the viral Hindi T-shirt. While the original T-shirt designed for a campaign against Hindi Imposition said, "Don't know Hindi, get lost", Vikatan parodied the line for film industry celebs and politicians according to their famous/infamous traits.



However while actor Vijay was given a line as light as "Will not come on OTT, get lost" [based on how team Master is holding back the film to be released only in theaters], Ajith on the other hand was given, "Will not come out, get lost" [based on Ajith's tendency to stay away from the public eye].


Many feel the degree of mockery was higher for Ajith compared to his film contemporaries and the only other people who were trolled at this level were politicians in Vikatan's feature. Naturally, it didn't sit well with fans of the 'Thala' star and they went on to blame Vikatan for purportedly dragging Ajith.


Some of their reactions from twitter here:



This is too wrong. You have attacked only Thala.



How are you able to dishonour such a good man? Only because of these third-rated activities, he stays away from social media and rejects meeting with the media. In the end, there seems nothing wrong R.S. Bharathi's (senior DMK leader) words and Captian (Vijayakanth) rejected.



That man (Ajith) would have said no to a function these people (Vikatan) conducted. That's why they got pissed and made such a post. Only Ajith gets to decide where he should go and where he needn't go.



Can Vikatan only do business by dragging and dishonouring people who mind their own business peacefully. Vikatan's story is equivalent to a story that went from bad to worse.



Is Vikatan capable of releasing such content too? Has it become a slave to the drugs called money and sensation? Is it the same Vikatan which grew Vaasan and Balan (founders of the magazine)? It is very shameful.



To the Vikatan business house, after you posted your picture edit a lot of unwarranted issues have been caused. That's why it is requested that this picture edit be removed. Actor Ajith is a good man. If you do something like this about him, unnecessary issues may crop up.

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