Zee 5 cancels Tamil web-series Godman after intense backlash!

PUBLISHED DATE : 02/Jun/2020

Zee 5 cancels Tamil web-series Godman after intense backlash!

After intense online backlash over a teaser of Tamil web-series Godman, which was to premiere on June 12, 2020 OTT platform Zee 5 has officially announced that it will not be airing the series anymore. While screen-shots of the promo videos containing dialogues that bashed Brahmin community did the rounds, Hindu online users took to twitter to express their dismay to Zee 5 over the past few days.



One of the front-line actors in the series, 'Daniel' Balaji even went on to be targeted with abuses for a lot of people misunderstood that he was a Christian trying to sabotage the Hindu religion (Actor Balaji gained the prefix Daniel from a popular role he did in the 90s for a TV soap opera named Chitti).


“It is not my voice that says those lines in the teaser. I did not play the godman role, and I’m not the one talking about the Brahmin community but people started talking because the issue was ‘How dare a Daniel speak this way?’,” the actor was quoted by The Hindu as saying. 


Godman featured V. Jayaprakash in the titular role and Balaji played Ayyanaar, a reckless youngster for whom boozing with friends is routine. One day, he comes in contact with a godman who asks the latter to turn over a new leaf. "Ayyanaar puts Godman on a pedestal and over time, he aspires to become a godman himself. This is what I was told about the character and these are the scenes I shot for as well,” said Balaji. 

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