Best Tamil Song Lyrics - 2019

PUBLISHED DATE : 26/Dec/2019

Best Tamil Song Lyrics - 2019

Lyrics that stood out in 2019 - Suhansid Srikanth & Moviecrow

Amidst all the Verithanam and Marana Maas we had this year, Singapenney from Bigil and Kannana Kanney from Viswasam got their dues, thanks to their easily accessible lyrics. Inspired from the same, we have curated [not ranked] numbers such as the latter two, that hold outstandingly beautiful lyrics from year 2019 here.



1. 'Megadhoodham' from Airaa written by Thaamarai had that vintage charm. Padmapriya Raghavan's rendition of Thaamarai's antique choice of words spell an achingly haunting chill all over the track.

Naanum neeyum kaalam ezhudhi..

Kaatril veesiya naadagam!

Andha kaatrai meendum inaiththu..

Arangam yetrum kaaviyam!



2. Karthik Netha is definitely a revelation when it comes to blending the old school aesthetics and yet renovate the words put out to express. And with 'Pularaadha', he hits it right out of his heart!

Muththam ennum kambaliyai yendhi vandhe..

Un idhazhai en idhazhum porththividum!

Ullunarvil peramaidhi kanindhu varum!

Nammudalil boodham aindhum kalandhuvidum!

Theeraamal thoorudhe kaamathin megangal..

Mazhaikkaadu pookkume.. nammodu ini!



3. 'Maya Maya' from Sarvam Thaalam Mayan, probably the most underrated melody of the year had a mellifluous flow of lyric by Na.Muthukumar. The number that celebrates the devotion in love is a serene accounting of all things pure.


Idhayathil oru paravai.. Virikkudhu adhan siragai..

Siragalla adhu siluvai.. Uyir pera kodu uravai..

Mounathai alandhen.. Megathai pilandhen..

Kaadhalai kaatril vidhaithen..

En kootin arai.. Un maarbil amai..

Un swaasam serndhaal inge..

En anbe naan vaazhven!


4. 'Dhooramaai' and 'Vaanthooral' from Peranbu by Vairamuthu had a streaming breath of hope taking over. The songs therapeutically capture the spirit of love and compassion the film speaks about.


Mozhiyattra bhoomi idhuvaagum..

Mugabhaavam ingu mozhiyaagum..

Malarpootha idhazhil nagaipoothu..

Ennai magizhvootta vaa!


Mellathaane sollum maarum..

Sollithaane sogam theerum..

Vaazhum aasai ullaperkke..

Vaazhkkai endrume inikkum!



5. The yet-to-be released Gypsy had some of the greatest songs to be out this year. But one that completely stunned me was 'Manamengum Maaya Oonjal' by YugaBharathi. The very hook line 'Kaatrile siragai naam virithaal.. Thuli aagaadho bhoomi? Veliyellaam kaadhalaal niraithaal.. adharkeededhu saami?' that keeps looping like a chant is a trance.



Un kaalthadam munnaale..

En thaainilam kandene..

Thadaagam dhegam aazham naanum meengal nee!

Naan mann serndha neer pola.. Un saayal kondene!



6. 'Anbe Peranbe' written by Uma Devi for NGK which went on to become one of the huge chartbusters of the year is a killer melody that unfortunately didn't get its due with respect to better placement or visuals. Still.. the dynamic love the song addresses come powerful with the poetess's pick of words.

Thiraiye.. Thiraikkadale..

Un adhirum anbu madhilai thaandudhe!



7. 'Nenja Unakkaaga' from Sindhubaadh is another delightful track that put beautiful imageries together. 'Vandhaa vaettiyila katti adakaapen.. Neththikottula naan konjam idam keppen', pens Vivek. The number brought back the vibe of the decade's early trend - minimal music and the rich lyrical flourishness.


Oththa nilaa kenikkulla..

Sitterumbu seenikkulla..

Ennai vaiyen maarukkulla..




Maththu vachcha morukkulla..

Maattikkitta eeya pola..

Unna suththi vaaren pulla..




8. 'Aalanguruvigalaa' written by Mani Amuthavan talks about the beauty this nature is and gloriously sings the joy of coexistence. Sung by Sid Sriram, the number addictively sings out a bird's heart!

Nammoda mugathu saayalula

Munnavanga vaazhndha thadam irukku!



Ellaame venungura unakku..

Adhil kaakkaakkum kuruvikkum pangu irukku!

Yedhedho kottaigal idinju..

Adhan mel ippo maram dhaane molachi kedakku!



9. Enai Nokki Paayum Thottaa had several lyrically great tracks. Maruvaarthai, Visiri, Naan pizhaippeno were all stunners. But one that came out later and completely caught my attention was 'Yen Nijame' written by Madhan Karky. The song speaks about the sparse emptiness that constantly comes on and off in the relationship. The finishing postlude that talks about contrasting persons the characters are is brilliantly brought up by the poet.


Mudikkaa muthangalin michangalil vaazha..

Suttraadhiru sattre.. Kaadhal nodi neela!


Yaasithu nee ketta iravaaga naan..

Yaarukkum theriyaadhu uravaaga nee..



10. 'Elluvaya pookkalaye', the heartbreaking number from Asuran written by Yugabharathi is a shattering work. The folklore touch that addresses the caste violence in the traditional Oppaari format devastates you a bit every time you listen to it!


Thalachenpulla illaama sarinjadhathena aatchi!

Neeye enga raasaa.. Vaa vaa kalathukku!



Ulaikka ennura aala..

Udhachi thallura oora..

Kaiya kaala vettiveesum karuppu nee!


11. 'Kulurudhaa pulla?' from Oththa Seruppu unanimously won hearts. The constant sense of conforming, desperation to know whether it all matters to her.. is what makes this song the stinging hook of pain it is! Vivek's organic blend of unadulterated Tamil words and the touch of a colloquial, folk slang etches a beautiful rural flavour to the number.


Vekkathula ravikka thachchu..

Muththathula jimikki vachchaa..

Podhaadho poongodhaiye?


Chandhirana thol urichchu..

Oththapakkam thodu vachchaa..

Podhaadho poongodhaiye?



12. 'Nilamellaam' from Irandaam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu by Uma Devi. The track that talks about the oppression of working class powerfully questions the brutal capitalism, speaks of rights and equality & calls for a rebellion resonates increasingly much with what goes on in the country every day.



Kelviyidum senjenaiyidam..

Aanaiyidum aatchikkoottam thorkkum..

Bodhimara maaligaiyil..

Buththankudi yeriyadhaai maarum!

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