Ramya Krishnan is the perfect Jayalalitaa in Queen Trailer, except she isn't!

PUBLISHED DATE : 05/Dec/2019

Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and late actress Jayalalitaa's life is finally taking shape on-screen as a web-series Queen the trailer for which dropped today. The series has big names attached to it like Ramya Krishnan (lead), Gautham Menon (director) and Darbuka Siva (music) among others. However, people who were excited about Ramya Krishnan's replication of 'Amma' on-screen will be a bit taken aback to know that her name is nowhere to be seen/heard in the trailer. 


Ramya Krishnan plays 'Shakthi Seshadri' and this nowhere relates to the various names Jayalalitha was known by-Komalavalli/Ammu/Jaya/Amma/Puratchi Thalaivi. However, Shakthi's portrayal on-screen replicates Jayalalitha's life to the T and even MGR (played by Indrajith Sukumaran) has a close enough acronym - 'GMR' in Queen.



Queen premieres as an MX original starting December 14, 2019 and has been written by Reshma Ghatala.  

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