Movies This Week: A Dull Show!

PUBLISHED DATE : 12/Oct/2019

Movies This Week: A Dull Show!

New movie releases this week are a drag as there has been no stand-outs that come with a bang-for-the-buck experience. However, there are some decent shows and the same have been highlighted below:


  • Aruvam (Tamil): A revenge horror drama, where the hero possesses the heroine and takes revenge on the men who killed him, Aruvam has opened to not so favourable responses. The movie stars Siddharth and Catherine Tresa among others.


  • Petromax (Tamil): Another horror film but a comedy and a remake of a Telugu hit, Petromax is about one haunted house and four people who try and stay there to prove otherwise. Though the movie is decent, its tried-and-tested genre hasn't had too many takers. (Review Here)


  • Puppy (Tamil): A romantic comedy with a fresh pairing, Puppy tells a young love tale with sprinkles of the feline angle. The movie can be given a try for a light-hearted experience. (Review Here)


  • The Sky is Pink (Hindi): Priyanka Chopra is back playing the lead after a 3 year Bollywood-hiatus and her film is of parents struggling to keep their relationship alive while raising a sick kid is based on a true story. The Sky is Pink comes with strong performances of Chopra, Farhan Akthar and Zaira Wasim and is this week's top-recommendation to watch in theaters. (Review Here)
  • Gemini Man (English): Maybe because it was originally conceived in 1997, Gemini Man starring Will Smith in double roles comes with an outdated feel to it. The movie is about an aging government assasin who is targeted, much to his surprise by a younger version of himself, cloned without his knowledge. How the original Will Smith escapes this trap is what forms the rest of the story.
  • Diego Maradona (English): Crafted from 500 hours of unseen footage of legendary football player Diego Maradona's, this docu-movie is about the Argentine's time with the Naples football club, which history remembers as the costliest player-club deal at  €12 million. Strictly for fans of the sport and the player.
Other movies that are in theaters this weekend are RDX Love (Telugu) and the September release Manoharam (Malayalam) which stars Vineeth Srinivasan in the lead is about a poster artist trying to fit in the digit-print world.
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