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Aruvam is a dull affair

Maybe he can take solace in the fact that he is perhaps the only actor who has been part of three different ghost films - the excellent Aval (pure horror), the partly amusing Aranmanai 2 (horror comedy), and now, this dull revenge drama.(more)

Source: Suganth, Times Of India


Wherein a male ghost shoves social messages down your throat

Aruvam is what you get as a by-product when the horror treatment given to the Kanchana franchise meets the food-adulteration-and-corporate monopoly angle of Velaikkaran, along with turning-a-medical-disorder-into-a-strength of Hichki. In all good spirits, watch out for that breathtaking climax sequence. It is where the director commissions all five cosmic elements, in a bid to save his movie from s(t)inking.(more)

Source: Srivatsan , The Hindu


Siddharth's film for the masses can't help but be all over the place

Aruvam could have been a far better film if the writing was convincing, and the mix of romance and supernatural had a bit more logic and conviction.(more)

Source: Sreedhar Pillai,


A good idea gone horribly wrong in execution

A poorly-written film makes Siddharth's character mouth funny lines, including, "En saavula kooda kalapadam iruka koodadhu." (Even my death shouldn't be adulterated) in a serious situation. That�s why you don't see yourself getting invested emotionally in Aruvam. In a lot of places, you are tempted to laugh at the characters, instead of empathising with them. Though Aruvam discusses corporate greed and food adulteration, it sends one 'message' after the other throughout.(more)

Source: subhakeerthana, Indian Express


An outdated revenge horror flick that is neither emotional nor entertaining

The momentum actually builds up with a decent twist in the halfway mark but sadly drops down again with its template flow. The villains are presented in a predictable way. Just to build them up, the Police department and Politicians are unwantedly compared in a vague manner. And, the baddies are killed at the ending by a Kanchana level of terror climax. Also, the VFX shots are too artificial to fit in the current scenario, there are plenty of them and could have been avoided easily.(more)

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A Stale, Distasteful Film On The Murky Underbelly Of The Food Business

Aruvam has nothing to offer. By the end of it, you're almost envious of Jothi. Had we been in her shoes, the film would have been an assault on just four of your senses.(more)



Go for this film that tackles a raging social evil with a mildly amusing horror element as well.

On the downside thought the horror element is what keeps the interest going it does not quite gel with the social issue side of the story. The first half has some amateurish and oft-repeated love scenes and fake dialogues that test the patience. The avenging ghost design and what it can do and cannot do and the Nigerian saamiyaars as ghost hunters is unintentionally funny. Caricature villains are also no help either.(more)

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A disappointing revenge drama

It is really surprising as to how Siddharth picked this film. As an actor, he is good and does his part earnestly, but that doesn't save the film. Catherine Tresa is a misfit, as the role required an actress with good acting potential. The supporting characters are just ok.(more)

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Good idea, errs in execution

It is in the second half, we get some clarity as Siddharth's (who is an upright food safety officer) story unfolds in flashback. Siddharth plays the given role admirably, but the same cannot be said with Catherine. There something off about her voice � its been dubbed in a childish tone. The idea might have looked good on paper, but it is in the execution the director errs.(more)

Source: Anupama Subramanian , Deccan Chronicle


'Aruvam' has an important social message, but could have engaged better with an interesting screenplay.

Aruvam devotes more attention to fight scenes, revenge and has little to offer other than a casually packed conventional story of transgression, the lead role's opposition and how he handles the same. Overall, Aruvam results in an ending that is anticipated and predictable. (more)

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