Kavithalayaa releases Marmadesam on Youtube!

PUBLISHED DATE : 22/Jun/2019

Kavithalayaa releases Marmadesam on Youtube!

Marmadesam - the very word  which instantly reminds any 90s Tamil kid of the spine-chilling thriller series is making a comeback for, Kavithaalaya has decided to release episodes of Marmadesam Vidaathu Karuppu, on their YouTube channel.

The second and the most successful installment of the Marmadesam series, Vidaathu Karuppu was based on a book titled Vittu Vidu Karupa and it showcased the rural cult of Karuppu Sami and mysterious deaths in a village.



Initial episodes of Marmadesam Vidaathu Karuppu can already be found on Kavithalayaa's YouTube channel and the rest of the episodes will be released every Monday to Friday at 7 PM.

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