MC Weekly Music Roundup: Sooraj S Kurup steals the music scene with Ore Kannal from Luca!

PUBLISHED DATE : 17/Jun/2019

MC Weekly Music Roundup: Sooraj S Kurup steals the music scene with Ore Kannal from Luca!

Music Roundup Week 6: Sooraj S Kurup steals the music scene this week with the gorgeous song Ore Kannal from Luca.


Siragu (Tamil): Arrol Corelli: Thanimai Siraiyinil:

The tune takes its own time to settle but Vidhya Hariprasanth's earnest singing makes this song works. Arrol kept the arrangements dreamy with the lilting composer's signature strings sections and fabulous keys while the singer aces the classical portions of the tune effectively.

Vivasayam (Tamil): Anthony Daasan: 

The latest single from Anthony Daasan Vivasayam features the extensive folk fusion which works to the song's favor but the same cannot be said about the tune. One wishes that tune is more effective than the generic folk. Anthony Daasan anchors the song with his excellent rendition and also with the topical lyrics on the importance of Agriculture and farmers by the composer himself.

Pakkiri (Tamil): Amit Trivedi: Maaya Bazaaru: 

Amit Trivedi brings in once again with his signature tune and the dance song is adorned with the rich arrangements. Thanks to Tapas Roys's charming Banjo and Mandolin. Though the Tamil version of the songs continues to suffer from the lyrics, Benny Dayal makes up for it with his energetic rendition.

Dorasaani (Telugu): Prashanth R Vihari: Ningilona Paalapuntha:

After Anthariksham 9000KMPH, Prashanth returns with the splendid bouncy folk song apt to the movie's setting. The interludes are contemporary and impressive with B Prasanna's orchestral.

Oh Baby (Telugu): Mickey J Meyer: Changu Bala:

Changu Bala's tune has Mickey J Meyer's signature all over it with the tinge of folk and contemporary sounds mixed and the composer delivers an enjoyable song. Nutana Mohan aces the rendition and the punchy rhythm base elevates the song.

Luca (Malayalam): Sooraj S Kurup: Ore Kannal:

Sooraj S Kurup comes up with the downright gorgeous song for Luca after his impressive outing in Solo. The tune is addictive and the mixing quality is phenomenal topped up by Sumesh Parameshwar's guitar and bass throughout the song. On the Vocal front, Sooraj lined up the set of singers Nandhagopan, Anju Joseph and Neethu Naduvathettu, who aces the rendition.

Pick of the Week: Ore Kannal, Ningilina Paalapuntha

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