Pakkiri (the Extraordinary Journey Of The Fakir) (U/A)
21/Jun/2019 Adventure, Comedy 1hr 40mins

Pakkiri  (The Extraordinary Journey Of The Fakir)

Critics Review


An ordinary drama that shines in parts.

Pakkiri could have been a lot better if it had more depth in its story, helping us dig deeper into the hearts of the characters. Right now, it is just a decent watch that does not promise much. If you indeed plan on watching it, do so in its original version in order to save yourself from the awkward dubbing at least.(more)

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The lighthearted treatment keeps Pakkiri entertaining, but you wish it were more whimsical.

Pakkiri, the Tamil-dubbed version of The Extraordinary Journey Of The Fakir, manages this feat quite effortlessly. While the fact that these portions are set in Mumbai helps, much of the credit should go to the two Ds � Dhanush and dialogues. Even if we know deep down that he is speaking his lines in English, we are used to hearing Dhanush speaking in Tamil that we are not put off by the lack of lip-sync. And the dialogues ensure that the lip movement of the actors isnt too out of sync. Varsha Bharath, the creative consultant for the Tamil version, and Jayaram Sankaran and Vikrem Vybav, Tamil script writers have done a good job.(more)

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Endearing tale of Karma and Compassion

Go for this one to witness another career-defining performance from Dhanush and enjoy a breezy entertaining 100 minutes to boot.(more)

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A feel-good drama in which Dhanush shines in every frame!

Pakkiri is definitely watchable feel-good drama for Dhanush, the effervescent music by Amit Trivedi and the underlying positive message of the film.Watch it, and be awestruck by Dhansuh.(more)

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Pakiri is a quirky, entertaining fantasy adventure that is headlined by Dhanush's charming performance.

Dhanush gives a charming performance as Raja and holds the film together. The supporting characters add more weight to the film. The warm and consistently saturated cinematography by Vincent Mathias compliments well with the story. Overall, Ignoring the dubbed film concerns and few logical questions, Pakiri is an engrossing fairytale with a few good moments that can entertain family audiences and kids who can connect to the fun ride better.(more)

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A Sincere Dhanush Is Let Down By A Bland Film

Fakir is a win for him if only because he's managed to branch out, and it will hopefully lead to better projects. But for those of us who know him from his Tamil work, it's a very ordinary journey.(more)