Movies This Week: Virus, Kolaigaran & Bharat put up an excellent show!

PUBLISHED DATE : 08/Jun/2019

Movies This Week: Virus, Kolaigaran & Bharat put up an excellent show!

Options for movie-goers this week are certainly rich for films in each of Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi languages have done well, while belonging to completely different genres. A detailed look into the new releases this time around:

  • Kolaigaran (Tamil): Inspired from a Japanese novel titled 'The Devotion of Suspect X', whose central theme is the cover-up of a murder, Kolaigaran is a whodunit thriller that revolves around the murder of a man. The movie has been praised for keeping the viewers engaged and guessing till the end; a must watch this weekend (Review Here).


  • X Men: Dark Phoenix (English): One of X Men's own Jean Grey has turned villain by transforming into the indiscriminately violent mutant Dark Phoenix in this super-hero spin-off and how it affects team X-men is what forms the core of this film. The movie has opened to mixed reviews and even loyal fans of the franchise have pointed out Simon Kinberg's script to be the culprit. (Review Here)

  • Bharat (Hindi): Another east-inspired film this week, this film tells a six-decade spanning tale of a man, who is forced to step-up for his family after his father goes missing during a post-war partition. The movie has struck a chord with the emotion-loving Indian audience and makes for an entertaining watch in theaters. (Review Here)


  • Virus (Malayalam): Based on the real incident of Nipah virus out-break in Kerala, this fictional medical thriller is being lauded for its realistic portrayal of Kerala's collective experience and excellent performances by actors. The film tops the list of our recommended movies this week. (Review Here)
Other films that are in theaters this week are Rahman, Regina Cassandra starrer Seven (Tamil) which revolves around the case of a fraudulent missing person and Hippi (Telugu) a romantic entertainer that has been criticized for being misogynistic and outdated.

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