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Keeps us guessing till the end

Andrew Louis tries to walk in between a no-nonsense thriller and a film that needs to cater to the emotional sensibilities and he is fairly successful. (more)

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Andrew Louis manages to come up with a solid thriller taking the core idea of the Japanese novel The Devotion Of Suspect X.

The initial portions set up the mystery quite nicely and makes us unsure of the motivations of the main characters. We are mostly in Karthikeyan's shoes and remain puzzled by their actions. And Simon King employs his theme to great effect to maintain the eerieness. In the second half, Louis gives us two scenarios of how the murder could have happened and keeps us guessing until the very end on which one of these could be the real one. And when we get the answer, it feels fairly convincing and this is why the film succeeds.(more)

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An engaging crime thriller

olaigaran stands out in all technical departments. Simon King's background score is pulsating, especially the haunting theme music works well for the mood of the film and Mukesh's crystal clear visuals uplifts the overall look and feel. The editing is also razor sharp as the film is just 110 minutes. To conclude, Watch it because it's that rare film that actually expects you to use your brain.(more)

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The suspense and twists of Kolaigaran make it a good watch!

There are momentary highs at places, their consistency and sustainability is a question left unanswered. Nevertheless, the way in which Karthikeyan solves the crime and finds the killer is engaging and enjoyable at the same time. Comparing this film with a murder, it has enough stuff to strangle a victim but doesn't bother to check if he/she is dead.(more)

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This Vijay Antony starrer is a well executed investigative thriller

Arjun as the investigating officer is a great addition to the cast and he really shoulders the film with a towering performance. One of the primary reasons why Kolaigaran works majorly is because it gives audiences the chance to step into the shoes of its lead characters. It presents multiple scenarios that could have lead to the murder and as audiences we can't help but trying solving the case. Also, shout-out to music composer Simon King for maintaining the eeriness throughout with his terrific score.(more)

Source: Karthik Kumar, Hindustan Times


A well-made investigative thriller with solid twists and turns

Kolaigaran is ideal binge material-there is a twist at every turn, but they are all within the realm of the characters' universe. This works largely to the advantage of the film. (more)

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Arjun Sarja delivers a sublime performance in this gripping whodunit

The success of the film lies in its tight screenplay. With his narration, Andrew is able to create the premise and maintain the mystery. In addition to that, the cat and mouse game between the cop and the murderer, is always one step ahead, is crackling. (more)

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You Won't Be Able to Guess the Culprit

Despite all this, Kolaigaran is a taut, thrilling and mysterious that has been inspired by the widely acclaimed Japanese novel, The Devotion of Suspect X. And the film begins with a tense black-and-white scene of a beautiful girl having her throat slit. It is only the very end that we get to find out who the girl was and who the killer. (more)

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A reasonably well-made adaptation that doesn't soar as high as it should

This isn't a film distracted by the presence of its actors; it's admirably more concerned about its characters (more)

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Arrests with twists and turns

Simon K King's theme music for 'Kolaigaran' which is already a hit is used in different orchestrations throughout the film to good effect. The songs are hummable but are placed in the most inappropriate places. Mukesh's cinematography is another big plus conveying the tense moments especially when the screenplay switches to a whodunit. Richard Kevin could have hastened the pace as the less than two hours runtime is not as crisp as it should be. Andrew Louis has taken inspiration from the Japanese novel 'The Devotion of Suspect X' and has come up with a fairly engaging thriller that is rewarding in its final moments.(more)

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A killer tale

. A thriller like Kolaigaran ought to have had more pace instead of being filled with too many dialogues and establishing shots - any time Arjun calls upon someone for the investigation, he starts off with pleasantries rather than jumping into the matter of conversation. All these might have not mattered in a largely-generic film, but it does stick out in an otherwise well-intentioned, well-executed film.(more)



Vijay Antony And Arjun Face Off In A So-So Murder Mystery With So-So Twists

Kolaigaran needed a few more drafts to punch up the emotional content, but even as is, you walk out not wanting to kill anyone. That, I guess, is a small sign of success for a murder mystery.(more)



A bland thriller that works at parts!

Despite having a very good premise on hand, the screenplay has been not-so-engaging. It is not completely gripping enough to hold the audience to their seats. The treatment is bland and ineffective. The two romantic songs in the film are wrongly placed and it totally acts as a speed breaker. The dialogues that come towards the end of the film look force fitted and over dramatic. Some viewers might feel the interaction between the hero and heroine, a little weird with flat emotional quotient, but the explanation for it comes at the end. (more)

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