Bollywood celebs back T-series in YouTube fight against Pewdiepie


Bollywood celebs back T-series in YouTube fight against Pewdiepie

In case you didn't already know the fight for being the most followed YouTube channel in the world has been going on for a while now between Swedish gamer-Youtuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka Pewdiepie and Indian music company T-series.

With both channels currently at 80 million plus subscribers, the fight over maximum number of subscribers has been an intense one to say the least.

YouTube as a platform is seen as a holy-grail for content creators in the West and T series to them is a company which just makes profit off musicians, marketing teams and huge budgets.

So it comes as no surprise that the entire YouTube community with all of its supporters has been going on a Pewdiepie support over-drive with bill-boards, T-shirts, campaigns, disliking T-series videos and and what not over the years.




Bhushan Kumar, Chairman and Managing Director of T-Series on the other hand has from time to time made his own set of appeals and following his recent direct video, the entire Bollywood has now jumped to his support.
It is worth mentioning here that Pewdiepie uploaded a video in 2018 called You India You Lose where he infamously nitpicked the dramatization in Ekta Kapoor's soap operas, Vikram's chest-flexing scene from I and the visual effects of Rajinikanth starrer Enthiran while reacting to many other 'Indian things' online. 

Needless to say, the video did not go well with a section of the Indians who weren't accustomed to PewDiePie's blunt commentary.

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