Petta, Viswasam fandom add to extreme events around movie releases!


Petta, Viswasam fandom add to extreme events around movie releases!


Fan-bases down South are known to be fierce and loyal and with passing time we witness how this 'worship of stars' peak every time, with some bizarre activity or the other. Only last year, fans of Vijay grabbed attention after they posted videos of them actually breaking and burning freebies provided by the government as depicted in the film Sarkar.

Now, in lieu of Viswasam's release, a 20 year old Ajith Kumar fan of the same name has taken the drastic step of burning his father's face using petrol, upon being refused to be given money for the film tickets of his favourite star. The father has now been admitted to a government hospital to treat his burns.
Additionally, 6 fans from Thirukovilur town of Villupuram district got themselves seriously injured after a cut-out of Ajith fell down, when they tried climbing and drenching it with milk.
The event around Rajinikanth's Petta was much more injury-less as the fans took to pelting stones and causing damage to a theater property in Chennai, when the theater unexpectedly cancelled the first show of the film.

Also, a couple who happen to be hardcore fans of Rajinikanth got married in another theater campus in Chennai, where Rajinikanth's film premiered like everywhere else today. Members of the Rajini Makkal Mandram are said to have sponsored this wedding, as it was observed as an ode to the superstar. 

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