Vijay's heroine who does nothing signs more films than me: Actress Andreah Jeremiah on male-domination, double standards & actors


Vijay's heroine who does nothing signs more films than me: Actress Andreah Jeremiah on male-domination, double standards & actors


Actress Andreah recently addressed students of a women's college on the eve of Women's day and a part of her speech where she was seen taking on the 'male domination' and 'double standards' in the industry has been gaining attention slowly but steadily. Some of the bold statements Andreah was seen making at this event have been listed below:

On Male-Domination
Firstly the film industry is a completely male dominated industry... If I ask anybody to name the Superstars of Indian cinema, they will name Shahrukh Khan, Salmaan Khan, Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan.

Presenter : Bollywood has heroines who do bold roles and they are very well accepted. 

"Yes, but where did they all start off? A Deepika Padukone has to do films with Shahrukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor to become a Deepika Padukone. A Nayanthara has to do films with Vijay, Ajith, Suriya, Rajini..then she becomes Nayanthara. Why cant an Andreah do good strong roles and become an Andreah. Why does the worth of an actress have to be determined by her co-stars? She has done a film with Rajini so she is a big heroine Why?"  

On Double-Standards


"After Taramani I haven't signed a single film yet. Whereas a girl who acts opposite Vijay and does nothing except comes and dances for 3 songs..immediately after the film releases, if it is a hit she will sign 3-5 films. Why after Taramani where everybody loved the film, everybody raved about my performance I am yet to sign a film?"

"Because when a woman does a strong role that asks uncomfortable questions, she says Hello i am not happy to be a pretty young thing on screen, i want to do more than that. Yes i can look hot and s*** (sultry) but i can act also.So write roles for me don't ask me to come onscreen and jiggle my B*** (behind), wear revealing clothes and be happy with that. I am not going to be happy with that."

On other Actress' choices

She added that it is not only the film-makers but the actresses who do male-centric movies too, who eventually end up promoting double standards in the industry. Comparing her choice of films to these actresses, Andreah said "I can be naked on screen and it will have more relevance than these actresses who say 'I won't do kissing scenes but end up objectifying themselves on screen." 

On the use of artificial methods like Botox, Andreah took a slight dig at those who resort to the use of it by saying, "I do not use it. But to each his own. It is just like athletes who use steroids. If they want to play fair without using it, they can."

Watch the rest of what she said here :

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