Veera Sivaji Review - The Bravest are the audience

PUBLISHED DATE : 17/Dec/2016

Veera Sivaji Review - The Bravest are the audience

Veera Sivaji Review - The Bravest are the audience

Bharath Vijayakumar

Few minutes into Veera Sivaji and you realize that there is no escape at sight. There are particularly bad films that actually do not hurt you much, as they provide some unintended laughter. But films like Veera Sivaji make a laughing stock out of the audience. You are literally paying the price. Thankfully it is only 120 Rs. You are more concerned about the 132 minutes that is a test of patience.


The film actually has an interesting plot to boast of. But you hardly realize that when watching the film. Everything looks disjointed and there is not even a sense of flow. Things do get progressively better towards the end of the first half only to reach the lowest of lows in the second half. This is another film that cannot do without a rape joke. A casual remark by the heroine that she would file a complaint against the hero for a rape attempt on her friend. The hero glances at the heroine's friend and quickly retorts that his taste has not fallen so low. This film seems to have made a checklist of 'awful' must haves.


The romantic track is the most insipid you would find in recent times. There is absolutely nothing going for it. The irritating Ajith-Vijay references never seem to end these days. A couple of jokes bring about a smile and then there is the catchy Sopanasundari number. But these are too little to even act as a saving grace




Nothing works in Veera Sivaji. You do get to see films that are an exercise in futility. But most of the times you at least make out what the makers actually tried. But here even trying to figure this out turns out to be a futile exercise.


Rating: 1.5/5

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