Zero Review - An attempt at infinity

PUBLISHED DATE : 26/Mar/2016

Zero Review - An attempt at infinity

Zero - An attempt at infinity

Bharath Vijayakumar

Plot : A young couple's life turns upside down due to some paranormal activities. They have no clue to what is happening around them.


Shivada excels in another performance oriented role after 'Nedunchaalai'. Most of the film rests on her shoulders and she delivers an utterly believable performance in a rather complex role.

Ashwin does a neat job.For a film whose plot could be far fetched for a section of the audience the performance of the lead pair makes the proceedings relatable. J. D. Chakravarthy is a smart casting choice by the director. A streak of eccentricity always seems easily justifiable when this actor is on screen.


The technical team of Zero have done an outstanding job. The visual effects are very neatly done. Budget constraints does look obvious but the CG work has some finesse and a look of completeness. Nivas K. Prasanna's score has us engrossed. Thegidi, Sethupathi and now Zero - he surely is an exciting talent. For such a complex narration there is hardly any confusion at any point. Editor Sudharshan has done an excellent job.


This is an ambitious effort from Shiv Mohaa. The film-making standard is very good and the narration keeps you hooked. The maker has got the best out of the actors. As said earlier the eerie feel of the film works remarkably well because the characters seem real. There is a possessed spirit, an exorcist and even someone who can see spirits. But the USP is that all these characters look like they are from our real world. They speak like normal people and the decibel level never hits the roof.


The film never intends to scare you. Not even cheap scares for fun. It plays out as a thriller and is fairly successful in holding our interest. It might not be nail biting stuff but we travel along with the lead pair. Zero is not the kind of film that you see hitting the Tamil screen very often. The closest resemblance is 'Ra' which released in late 2014. That was another film which tried bridging biblical thoughts and the modern world. Adam, Eve, Lilith, serpent, doomsday and what not? This 'Zero' packs in an infinite number of things.


Zero is a well made supernatural thriller that eschews most of the routines of Tamil cinema. You might not buy the plot that it conveys but the film definitely has you interested for the most part.

Rating: 3/5

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