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Ashwin Rohit

awesome movie with all elements and a super sumer feast (more)


Kiran T Francis

PROVIDE THRILLING AND BORING EXPERIENCE 'Zero'is a Supernatural Thriller....good attempt ..but after first half lost the story of movie songs are good.... (more)


Allwin Albert

Zero is a new beginning. A thrilling, unpredictable supernatural romantic tale which is uplifted by performance of the lead pair and superb background music. Arun's screenplay is good. First half is really engaging how he slowly reveals the knots of the story. Plus side it makes you care and sympathies for lead pair which makes rest of the story engaging. But it leaves the second half a bit rushed. Sshivada portrayed Priya perfectly. Ashwin and JD sir did their job perfectly us well. Lilith left us wanting more. Lilith is fearsome but loud. A calm Lilith may have caused more fear. (more)


Gowtham Viswanath

Zero deceived of the promising impressions and expectations that It created. The total disappointment plus the peskiness infested a hate against this squandered, meandering Flick. No elements could be added up to making worthwhile or even to atleast stand by It. Complete disastrous, supposed 'New Age' attempt where even a nice and growing, talented Composer looked lame. 0 star for the uninspiring ruin. (more)