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A Compelling Watch!

Taanakkaran gets the mix right for the most part. It plays out in a realistic manner but also ensures to play to the gallery. It does the latter by having us root for a handful of characters. These characters headed by Vikram Prabhu stand up against the cruel and corrupt practices of the academy and...(more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow



Taanaakkaran works mainly because of its unique setting - a PRS - and the convincing manner in which it presents it. For the recruits, it is a hellish place where one gets whacked for merely making a request or asking a question. And it is a test for survival. Among the recruits are a few middle-age...(more)

Source: suganth, Times Of India


Vikram Prabhu Shines In This Powerful, Hard-Hitting Police Story

Taanakkaran is a powerful, hard-hitting film that depicts the unforgiving police system that was set up by the British. The exceptional performances make it an appealing watch, despite its flaws.(more)

Source: Akhila, One India


Vikram Prabhu's sincere efforts in Taanakkaran showcases an unseen portrayal of reality in the police department.

The film is technically decent while the performances and milieu make up for the flaws. Taanakkaran shows a side of the police department that most of us haven't seen and captures the details of the lives of the powerless people in a powerful department.(more)

Source: Editorial board, Behindwoods.com


A hard-hitting drama on how power can be misused

Vikram Prabhu got into the skin of the role and he has done an amazing job as Arivu. It has been a long time since we saw him and finally, seeing him in a powerful and intense role makes his fans proud and happier. On the whole, this film is definitely worth a watch this weekend.(more)

Source: Bhavana Sharma, Pinkvilla


Tamizh's debut film revels in brutality, fails to engage the audience

Excessive depiction of abuse, high-strung sentimental moments and poorly written characters, undermines Vikram Prabhu�s Taanakkaran.(more)

Source: Bharathy Singaravel, The News Minute


A powerful film about a lesser-known problem

The life-threatening ED drill sessions can be seen as a metaphor for abuse of all types, especially by authority. In such a trying situation, having a vulnerable commoner as a protagonist braving against all odds, instils hope. When a film like Taanakkaaran entertains, educates, and feeds hope, what...(more)

Source: Navein Darshan , CinemaExpress.com

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