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Production Studio Green
Cinematographer Priyan
Editor V. T. Vijayan
Editor T. S. Jay
Writer Hari

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Duraisingam strikes again! Suriya and Hari don't disappoint you in this Singam franchise.

A script as intense as Si3 actually doesn't need any songs. Songs hamper the pace of the film especially when none of the songs make a significant impact. Even the background score doesn't quite solve the purpose. Hari's dialogues are rhyming as usual and work well for the film. But negative remarks against Australia could have been avoided.

by - Behindwoods.com

Rating (2.5/5)

Singam 3 is sure to entertain the fans of Singam franchise. With Suriya in full-form, Singam 3 packs the same punch like its preque

Suriya who ensures that the movie sails smoothly, with his amazing screen presence and powerful performance towering above everything else.

by - One India

Rating (3/5)

A clean masala sequel

Si3 largely relies on the character of Duraisingham as always, all movies have the usual routine and if Hari is looking to take the franchise forward, he should probably work at bringing variety and losing the predictability factor.

by - IndiaGlitz.com

Rating (3/5)

Suriya's Si3 packs a punch

It is Singam's show all the way. If Hari ever wants to reload the franchise with a new actor, well, good luck with that. It is virtually impossible to find an actor who can pull off this role with the conviction and commitment like Suriya. It is difficult for the audience to even image any other actor in the shoes of Durai Singam.

by - Indian Express

Rating (3/5)


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    Arun Sundar

    Average film in the Singam series...watch it only for Suriya!! Bgm and direction disappointing!! 


    Piriya Piriya

    Supper Movie Amazing Story Songs                          


    Sundara Moorthy

    Super flim best intro and intraval is blocking and climax was nice 


    Ragul Jackie

    gud   action   movie . it's   really    a   good   story  ..   


    Arun Gowtham

    Singam 3 aka S3 - A roller coaster ride
    The success of any mass - commercial movie depends on the tight gripping screenplay , which over-shades the flaws it has & brings you the entertainment.
    Coming to S3, as there is nothing to establish something new about the main characters, you will be on a roller coaster ride from the very first scene, you defintely know what you expect, and they offer what exactly you need. You will never know how the time lapsed until the interval, that fast is the screenplay and you keep glued to the film till the .
    The movie definitely had few  ROFL moments, but Hari, will never give u a time to think about it, the next frame will have an important scene & it goes on. 
    A movie like this heavily falls on the shoulder of the main lead and Suriya does it in ease. Suriya's charisma and performance is an asset to Singam series. Like in other parts in the franchise comedians delivers everything expect the comedy ! 
    Technically movie is rich!  Priyan's cinematography is too good. Though Harris bgm is adequate to the film, its too loud and noisy! If the movie went on to be a success, the full credit should be acknowledged to the editor of the film!  
    Over all #S3 is a power packed mindless Entertainer,  it do have flaws, b(u/e)t Hari wont give you a time to think about it !